20 Highest Rated Shows [DVR viewership included]

by taynement October 19, 2014   TV

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Ratings.Ratings.Ratings. It’s all the Networks (and I suppose advertisers) are concerned about. Everyone’s been talking about how cable has been trouncing network tv in ratings. I even said a little something about the demise of network tv. Seems the Fall of 2014 has brought about some good luck and I might have to eat my words? In keeping with the times, the measurement of ratings have been amended to include viewers who watch later on dvr. These viewers are added to those who watch live for an overall number.

Here are the numbers for the top 20 most watched shows on network tv during premiere week (including 3 days of DVR viewership):

1. Big Bang Theory — 22.5 million
2. NBC Sunday Night Football — 22 million
3. NCIS — 21.5 million
4. How to Get Away with Murder — 20.2 million
5. NCIS: New Orleans — 20 million
6. Scorpion — 17.9 million
7. Blacklist — 17.3 million
8. Scandal — 15.6 million
9. The Voice — 15.4 million
10. Modern Family — 15.2 million
11. Madam Secretary — 14.8 million
12. Black-ish — 14.2 million
13. Dancing with the Stars — 14.2 million
14. Person of Interest — 14 million
15. Blue Bloods — 13.8 million
16. Grey’s Anatomy — 13.1 million
17. NFL Thursday Night Football — 13 million
18. Good Wife — 12.9 million
19. Law & Order: SVU — 12.4 million
20. Once Upon a Time — 12.1 million


*List info retrieved from Panjiba.com



Not one FOX show. Yikes. Meanwhile, why is OUAT still relevant? And look at CBS forever prospering... for some odd reason. So happy for ABC, tho.

Original Mgbeke
Original Mgbeke

How to get away passed scandal? Wonderful. Dry show.


Wait, who are the people that watch this big bang theory? Never seen an eposode, don't plan to.yay, to Good wife. HTGAWM, on my dvr for two weeks now, does that count too. Cos I fell asleep watching the second episode. Meh.


ugh at once upon a time

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