Best and Worst of the 2017 Grammy Awards Red Carpet

by taynement February 12, 2017   Red Carpet

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The 2017 Grammy awards aired tonight and the stars came out all dressed up in their not so best. It really was an uninspired red carpet with no one really standing out. There were a lot of gimmicky outfits which I find very annoying. Yea, I get it. They are artistes or whatever, but you can have fun without being silly. None¬†of the choices you will see in my best looks are really “the best” per se, but I chose to put them in there for various reasons and because I had to have some “bests”


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It’s Riri…


I really just like the color and silhouette on her. Also, her makeup looks good. If you have the time, imagine the dress without the sleeves


Only because she has stepped up her game so much (and I am glad she has lost the blonde hair)


Not sure how many people will agree with me on this, but I think Demi looks great. It suits her and doesn’t age her


Nothing extraordinary but I love the whole look on Mya



At some point, the gimmicky dressing just becomes tired


Nothing about Katy Perry’s look is a good thing


Seriously Halsey. Girl, bye.


Lea Michele tries to hard. All the time. Go find clothes, please.


Terrible. Winter wonderland lace with abortion belt on top? N-O.

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No, Siree. Bob.


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