Empire Season 2 Episode 1

September 30, 2015
/   Fan Friday

  After what seems like an interminable wait, Empire is back guys! And it wastes no time in easing us back into the affairs of the Lyons. Oh no, we are thrust straight into...

Fan Friday – Salem

August 14, 2014
/   Fan Friday

I heard about this series through a colleague, we both were talking about the series we watch and how amazing they are and she repeatedly squealed about this series,“Salem”. Strange name, I kept thinking...

Fan Friday – Adele’s Love Song

June 6, 2014
/   Fan Friday

I’ve been a fan of Adele from the beginning. A slightly overweight English girl with a penchant for smoking, a mouth full of ready swear words and a cackle of a laugh, Adele had...

Fan Friday: K-Drama- Heirs

March 28, 2014
/   Fan Friday

You should watch K-dramas. You should especially watch all K-dramas featuring Lee Min Ho. Also, when you want to begin your K-drama journey, start with “Boys over flowers”. Now that we’ve gotten that over...

Fan Friday – Trophy Wife

March 7, 2014
/   Fan Friday

  I was bored and flipping through Hulu + for something to watch the other day when I came across Trophy Wife and got hooked. First off, I will say it’s not fantastic TV,...

Fan Friday – Elementary

February 28, 2014
/   Fan Friday

When I first heard that CBS was planning their take on Sherlock Holmes, I didn’t have high hopes. CBS is fond of producing run of the mill crime procedurals which I don’t really dig....

Fan Friday – Sam Smith

February 14, 2014
/   Fan Friday

The Europeans have been dominating the music industry in one way or another for years. From EDM to boy bands. Everyone knows Adele and One Direction, but there are so many other British and...

Fan Friday – Doctor Who

February 7, 2014
/   Fan Friday

What does it take to hold the title of “The Ultimate TV Show”? One cannot ignore the fact that everyone has their own opinion about what could be considered the ultimate but I come...

Fan Friday – Blue Bloods

November 1, 2013
/   Fan Friday

CBS’ Blue Bloods is one of my favorite shows on TV right now. On the surface, it seems like another run of the mill American police procedural show, but after watching just one episode you...

Fan Friday – Luther

October 25, 2013
/   Fan Friday

Luther is a British psychological crime drama television series starring Idris Elba as the title character Detective Chief Inspector John Luther. (Thanks Wikipedia). It comes on BBC…I don’t have BBC..I watch it bootleg (can’t reveal my sources to...

Fan Friday – Shameless

September 20, 2013
/   Fan Friday

I’m from a large and polygamous family fully fitted with all the incessant bickering, unrequited love, and the best set of nephews and nieces that life has on offer. To an extent, I’ve always...