Who is Camilla Cabello?

May 2, 2017
/   Music

You might be one of those people who went “Who??” when Camilla Cabello announced her departure from the girl group, Fifth Harmony. You are not alone. Most people couldn’t identify any of the 5...

Albums To Listen To

November 25, 2016
/   Music

Looking back on the year, we actually had some decent albums and yet there weren’t that many that I can say I was compelled to listen to on repeat. You can see my thoughts...


November 21, 2016
/   Music

  When I was writing up the post on my 5 favorite shows, I realized that I kept considering shows and striking them out because I kept having that “it’s just okay” feeling. How...

My Thoughts on Beauty Behind the Madness

September 6, 2015
/   Music

  If you follow me on twitter, you might already know that I am a tad – ok, a lot – obsessed with Mr. Abel Tesfaye better known as The Weeknd. Before you roll...

The Last Ten #1 Albums

August 3, 2015
/   Music

I was mulling over the top albums for the last week and realized the #1 albums for the last 3 weeks have been held by African Americans, which is pretty cool seeing as lately...

Music Videos That Will Make You Smile

July 10, 2015
/   Music

It’s a weird thing but I don’t watch music videos. I always seem to be late on them and only ever go see it when I can’t take the chatter anymore or my arm...