My thoughts on Think Like A Man Too

June 21, 2014
/   Movies

The sequel to the original that was based on Steve Harvey’s book of the same name continues with the whole gang reuniting in Vegas for the wedding of Candace (Regina Fox) and Michael (Terrence...

My take on “12 Years a Slave”

October 27, 2013
/   Movies

Ah…where do I begin with this movie? I knew I wanted to see this movie but I knew it wouldn’t be an easy watch so I hesitated but talked myself into man-ing up and...

Fan Friday – Camp

August 23, 2013
/   Fan Friday

Let me ask you one question. Are you enjoying your summer?? If so, you must be watching the hilarious and completely outrageous new NBC dramedy Camp. If the answer to the question probed above...

Fan Fridays – Parenthood

August 9, 2013
/   Fan Friday

When Tayne asked me to write about a show I am a huge fan of the first one that came to my mind was Parenthood. I love this show so much and if you...

Fan Friday – True Blood

August 2, 2013
/   Fan Friday

Oh my gosh….9 letters…9 letters send me into a frenzy. A frenzy of excitement, anticipation, and good old fun. People look for that sensation in roller coasters, drugs, sex, food…okay yes, I like some...

Americanah Book Review

May 22, 2013
/   Reviews

  Chimamanda Adichie’s most recent book. I just finished it and I feel so empty. I loved this book like I LOVED this book. I am not one of the Chimamanda stans who thinks...

About Life Is But A Dream

February 17, 2013
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So the much touted Beyonce documentary that was footage from her last 3 years, “Life is But a Dream” finally aired yesterday on HBO, with an interview with Oprah an hour before it aired. Publicity...