Parenthood Season 6: Episode 1

The underrated dramedy begins its sixth and final season. Because this show has such a huge cast with intertwining storylines, it’s best to deal with the recap by focusing on the individuals of the Braverman clan. Or, well, the individuals with the main storylines from each episode.

Amber: Amber is pregnant.  This pregnancy is not a surprise. What may be considered a surprise was her not yet telling her Mom nor her baby daddy, Ryan. Ryan, as you may have remembered (or forgotten) dipped out of Berkley, CA and back to his home state to figure out himself. The doctor, after hearing from Amber that she’s yet to tell a soul about the pregnancy, gently tells her that if she’s not down for having a baby she may have to take the next cause of action (re: abortion). Especially, since Amber’s drawing near to the date of when it’s safe to start exclaiming to the world that she’s pregnant.

Due to her issues, Amber hasn’t quite been in a happy mood. Some of her family members begin to notice the sudden attitude change, including her cousin (and somewhat best friend), Haddie. Haddie felt the disconnection and made a visit to Amber’s apartment to tell her so. Once Haddie finished explaining her frustrations to her cousin, Amber blurts out that she’s pregnant. Haddie was shocked and reached a new level of shock when Amber told her that she was the first to know. They headed out for a little girl talk. Haddie relays how she met her girlfriend, Lauren (blogger-turned-actress Tavi Gevinson). Amber asks her what we the audience always wondered – Were you always into girls? Haddie explained that no, she wasn’t always into girls. She brought up Alex (Oh, Alex! How I miss thee!) and how much she loved him. Then she brought up Steve and the girls both had a good laugh given it was their first real fight over a boy. Haddie then suggested to Amber that maybe it was time to tell her Mom, Sarah, about the pregnancy. The following day, she did just that. Sarah’s response? “Oh.”


Zeek: Sarah surprised her father, Zeek, with a birthday trip to Vegas. Zeke loved the idea because Zeke likes to have fun and not be reminded that he’s getting old and dealing with a heart condition. In Vegas, the duo is having fun at the gambling table when Zeek went silent. He quickly stands up and collapses to the floor. He’s rushed to the hospital where the doctor explains to him that, no, he didn’t have a heart attack but he’ll have to stay the night so more tests can be run and he’ll have to see the cardiologist. Zeek was not about that life. He quickly became obstinate; refusing to listen to the young looking doctor; demanding the doctor to give him the form in which he can sign refusing treatment; repeating over and over that he was fine. Sarah tried her best to get Zeek to listen but that just wasn’t going to happen.

Back at the hotel, she gets a loud bang on her door. She opens to see her brothers, Crosby and Adam, demanding to know where their father was because he’s not responding to their knocks on his door. Sarah told them that Zeek is definitely in his room because she told him to stay there. They get a housekeeper to open Zeek’s hotel room. The room was empty. They all charged to the casino area frantically hoping to see their father somewhere, anywhere. Crosby finally locates Zeek at the gambling table. Zeek, being the great persuader, talked himself out of heading back to Cali and one by one the kids gave up and joined him for another round of fun.

Zeek gets back to Vegas to see Camille worried on the couch. They hug and she quickly stated that he has an appointment later on in the afternoon. Zeek tried to get out of it by claiming he was tired but Camille got her way. They meet with his regular doctor who pretty much said the exact same thing the younger doctor in Vegas said – more tests needed to be run in order to understand what exactly made him collapse.


Max and Chambers Academy: Chambers Academy is having a bit of rough patch before their scheduled school opening. Lots of construction still needed to be done and the creators, Kristina and Adam, were having a difficult time changing their son‘s, Max, mind to start school at the Academy. Max knows the school was created solely for him but just the thought of ‘school’ takes him back to darker times. And he’s not here for it. What he is here for is being home schooled, going to work at Hank’s photo studio, and hanging out with his best friend – Hank. Guys, Hank is a 40+ year old man. The parents remind him that maybe it’s time he needed to start hanging out with kids his own age. And he’ll have that opportunity at Chambers Academy! They’ll be kids his own age and best of all kids that are dealing with disabilities just like himself! Nope. Max just did not care.

On the day of the school opening, Adam was at home, once again, trying to get Max to get ready for school at the Academy. Max, once again, said no. Adam reminded him that, yes, the school is for him but his mother worked really hard to get it up and running. All because of him. Kristina was at the door of the school greeting the parents and students as they mill in. For a school that only has 38 students, there were a lot of kids walking into that building, though. Anywho, as she prepared to greet the next student, she saw it was Max. Stunned, relieved, but most of all overjoyed, she welcomed her son. They shook hands and Max walked in. Now, Chambers Academy officially has 39 students.


Sarah and Hank: Sarah and Hank are a couple. While they’re not living together, they are spending a lot of time together. It’s revealed in a conversation that Hank’s ex-wife, Sandy (Breaking Bad and Masters of Sex Betsy Brandt), and their daughter, Ruby, are moving back from Minnesota to the San Francisco area. Sarah had in mind that Hank has already mentioned to his ex-wife and daughter that he now has a girlfriend. But come to find out he hasn’t told them. That kind of bothered Sarah but she let it pass.

Sandy and Ruby are not getting along. At all. Ruby, it seems, started hanging out with the wrong crowd back in Minnesota. Sandy, realizing that she can’t do it on her own, actually requested to be transferred back to Cali in hopes that she can get Hank to figure out what’s going on with Ruby. Hank is happy to take this deal because all along he wanted to spend more quality time with his daughter. Sandy didn’t really care much that Hank now has a girlfriend (even though how it was revealed was funny – Ruby found Sarah’s purple panties in her drawer) just as long as she wasn’t living in Hank’s apartment while Ruby was also staying there. Hank and Ruby’s relationship is a very awkward one but it’s much better than what Ruby and Sandy currently have and Sandy knows this, hence the 50/50 partnership.


Julia: Julia is getting her groove back after her separation with Joel. She’s currently banging her co-worker who now wants to make whatever they’re doing an official relationship. She still shares custody of the kids with Joel. It seems like the Braverman clan hardly sees Joel anymore what with their surprise greetings to him when he dropped the kids off to help out at the Academy. Seeing her chance, Kristina corralled Joel into fixing some construction problems, mainly the plumbing. Based off her facial expressions, Julia wasn’t really happy about this arrangement. Maybe because she’s trying to keep as much distance from Joel as possible.

At home, Julia gets a call from Camille telling her that Zeek is in the hospital. At the knick of time, Joel stopped by to pick up the kids. Once hearing about Zeek, he tells her to go check up on Camille while he stays with the kids. She gets to her mother’s house to try to comfort her. But Camille uses the opportunity to talk about Joel and how Joel is so helpful and look how Joel looked at you and that she feels he’s ready to come back. Well, Julia says it’s too late for that because she’s moved on. She waited for him while he was dealing with his problems and now it’s time for her to live her life. And I truly don’t blame her. Joel was pretty much an ass to her last season.

Hours later, Julia returned home to see Joel finishing up with cleaning the dishes. She told him that Camille went to bed after not hearing much news from Vegas. Joel suggested that maybe he should stay until they hear how Zeek was doing. Her phone buzzes. She opens the message to see a selfie photo of Zeek with her siblings. They are smiling and clearly having way too much fun. Julia was very much relieved. So relieved that she started crying. Joel comforts her, kissing her on the head then slowly moved to her lips. Julia backs away from the kiss. Joel apologizes and decides it’s best if he goes home. He leaves while Julia struggles to figure out what just happened.




Given that there’ll only be 12 episodes in this final season, the first one kind of laid out a couple of storylines that will probably last throughout the 12 episodes – Amber’s pregnancy and Zeek’s health problems. The show creators mentioned that this season is going to deal with a loss of a family member. It’ll be so predictable if it’s Zeek or, to some extent, Amber’s baby. I’ll find it very much interesting if it’s even Amber, though.


Am I jumping the gun a bit? Who knows. But in this very short final season, I’ll be watching with anticipation as to how this wonderful series will take its final bow.



written by Vivi



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