Parenthood: Season 6 Episode 2

One thing this show loves to do is bring the whole crew together to celebrate one event or another. This time, it was to celebrate the 72nd birthday of everyone’s favorite grumpy man, Zeek Braverman. And like with all of Bravermans get-togethers, there was a shouting match and a secret was revealed.

Sydney: Word on the elementary school streets is that Sydney is a bully. A bully who fancies herself as the Queen B of her lunch table crew. Look, I’m not a Sydney fan. Never have and probably never will be. But I am not surprised that Sydney is this way. She’s been acting like a spoiled brat since this series started. Yes, her parents’ separation is taking a toll on her and she has every right to act out. But acting out by telling her friends not to let an overweight classmate sit with them at their lunch table, tell that overweight classmate she shouldn’t be eating anyway, and then telling the whole class that they shouldn’t speak to the girl? Not a good look. Also, it seems Sydney likes to lie, too, because she initially told her Dad that it was she that was getting bullied. It was only after a quick teacher-parent conference that the truth was revealed.

But the conference also brought about deep feelings for Julia. Julia, trying to be the perfect Mom, defended Sydney saying that’s not how her child acts. And when the teacher asked if anything was going on at home, Julia tried to gloss over the situation by stating everything was okay. But Joel was not having none of that act. He told the teacher about the separation and maybe that’s why Sydney was acting this way. Julia, embarrassed, hastily told the teacher that she’s sorry she can’t see the real Sydney (eye rolls) and heads out the door. Joel rushes after her and tells Julia they need to talk. Julia, rightfully so, told Joel that he doesn’t get to say that anymore because she waited for him to talk for one year. And in doing so it broke her. She’s finally trying to get back on track but she doesn’t want to go down that road again.

They do, however, get together to have a sit down with Sydney. Sydney immediately sensing that they found out about her ways decided to lie again, then became defensive (“My teacher hates me!”), then blew up at her parents saying she hated them. Joel and Julia definitely got a monster on their hands.

Chambers Academy: There was a small storyline about the Academy’s latest struggles. This time with the cafeteria’s food. It seems autistic kids have a very different diet and each day, the list of exactly what type of food the kids eat seemed to grow. So much so that the school’s cook quits. Adam comes up with a plan to help mitigate the setback – creating a Culinary Arts elective. The students will cook their own lunches with Adam. This news was shared to Max who wasn’t impressed. He wants a photography elective. Duh. Anywho, the first lunch class session was loud and messy and all over the place. In short, Adam was in over his head with this idea. But it seemed the class was a stroke of genius. A parent calls to tell Kristina that she has never seen her child so excited about a class. She wants her to thank Adam for the idea.

Crosby and Adam: You know, all this time I thought Crosby was a Momma’s boy. But clearly, he’s here for his Dad. And Adam knows it. At their studio, Camille called Adam to ask him to get through to Zeek. Zeek has been told that he needs open heart surgery and Zeek refuses to take the advice. Adam tells Crosby he has to rush out and explains why. This is the first time Crosby is hearing talk of any surgery and moaned that he’s always the last to know. Crosby insisted that he should go with Adam so they both can talk to Zeek. Adam said that’s not a good idea because Zeek will just wrap Crosby around his little finger. Crosby insisted that would not be the case.

That was the case.

Crosby had the chance to go by himself to talk to Zeek. And once there, his father convinced Crosby that all was well. It was just a fainting spell. And that he’s never been better. Crosby fell for the whole act.

At Zeek’s birthday party, Adam asked Crosby how the meeting went and when Crosby couldn’t give a straight answer, Adam blew up. He knew this was going to happen. Shouting over one another, it continued while their parents walked in, with Zeek overhearing from Adam that the reason he doesn’t want the surgery is because he is scared.

Later on while confronting Zeek, Adam becomes emotional stating that he’ll die if he doesn’t get the surgery. What is he going to do when he’s dead? Zeek gave a very Zeek answer, telling his first-born son to get his ashes, go to their favorite ballpark, scatter it on the field and then play baseball with his boys. “I’m going out (dying) on my own terms”, said a brave-faced Zeek.

Amber and Sarah: After revealing her pregnancy to her mother, we come back to them standing in front of each other. You can actually sense Sarah’s “Oh” still lingering in the air. Still in shock and clearly not knowing how to go about this, she asked Amber if she was thinking of terminating the baby. Amber said no and Sarah was kind of relieved. You can tell that Sarah is slightly disappointed at Amber. She clearly doesn’t want Amber to go down the same route that she, herself, did at Amber’s age. But as every season revealed, Amber is Sarah. Easily. And it frustrates Sarah to the core. And the next time she had a chat with Amber, those frustrations finally came to head. Amber, while hurt, was not surprised because she was waiting for Sarah to express her true feelings about the pregnancy.

Amber had the chance to reveal her pregnancy to another family member. This time Zeek. Outside of the party, sitting on the porch steps, crying (because, Amber), Zeek sees his granddaughter and asks what’s up. She finally told him and asked if he was disappointed. He’s not. They hug it out.

But what Amber doesn’t realize is that revealing he may be a great-grandfather changed Zeek. It made him finally make the right decision. After telling his wife about Amber’s pregnancy, he revealed that he’ll go ahead with the surgery. Camille replies, “Of course.” But it was a gentle ‘of course’. A knowing one. Zeek wants to be alive to take on his part as a great-grandfather. For him to even get a chance on that role, he has to do the surgery.

Of course.


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