Parenthood: Season 6 Episode 7

Amber: Amber is babysitting for Max and Nora while their parents are out of town trying to get some funding for Chambers Academy. There’s a big day planned of hitting up the ferry to take a trip to Alcatraz. But the day starts off bumpy. They’re running a bit behind and Amber is hearing about it every second thanks to Max constant updates of traffic on his phone. They managed to get into Kristina’s car but, hey, where are they keys? Max screams some more, Amber goes haywire trying to find the keys in the house. She can’t find them (Nora put the keys inside her lunch box) and decides to take a plan B – they’re using her car. Max freaks out even more. Amber releases Nora from the car seat and Nora immediately runs into the street. Max tells Amber, Amber rushes to get Nora, demands Max to get the car seat, Max screaming that’s not on his list of responsibilities. Then Amber realizes her car isn’t equipped with car seat capabilities. Max completely loses his mind asking how can that be the case when she’s about to have a baby. He then predicts that Amber is going to be the worst mother in history. Yeah, this day is going to be a long, long one for Amber.

Sarah stops by after hearing from Hank that he found her crying. She sees Max eating all the junk food he wants while the dog is licking out of the ice cream carton while watching a Chucky movie. Sarah asks about Amber and Max points upstairs. She gets to the bedroom to see Nora sleeping on her parents bed while Amber is motioning Sarah to talk softly. Amber is overwhelmed about what happened today and is worried that she’s not cut out for this parenting gig. Her mom reassures her that her baby won’t come out being Nora’s age or Max’s age. But the baby will come out a baby who will poop all the time. Amber smiles but she’s now scared that she’ll be raising the baby all on her own. Sarah tells her daughter that she won’t be alone.

Zeek and Drew: Zeek decides to make Drew his buddy but something tells me that Drew is not down for the cause. Twice Zeek has called him up saying it’s an emergency or saying it’ll be such a fun day. And twice Drew has been annoyed that it was not an emergency or that his grandfather’s idea of fun is shooting cans of cream corn with a gun. Also, he has an Econ test to study for in 3 days. Drew’s girlfriend (sorry, still don’t care to know her name) breaks it down to Drew that it’s not about him right now, it’s about his grandfather. A grandfather that wants to spend time with Drew and make magical moments that someday Drew will remember in 50 years or so.

To make up to his grandfather for being a jerk, he takes him to the gun range. Drew still doesn’t want to hold a gun but Zeek corrals him to do so, saying that he should caress the gun like it’s a beautiful woman. Zeek laughs at Drew’s action. Drew finally pulls the trigger. Looks like he’s having fun and making memories with his grandfather.

Hank: Ruby is having boy problems at school that Sarah quickly gets and Hank is all confused about (“Who is Jake?”) At Hank’s place, Ruby is watching “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” with Sarah when Sandy comes earlier than expected to pick her up. Ruby doesn’t want to leave but Sarah tells her it’s fine and that they’ll watch the movie later. Sandy sees what’s on TV and asks Hank if she’s okay with their 15 year old daughter viewing such a racy movie. Hank begins to stutter while Sandy comments that she and Sarah definitely have different parenting skills. Sarah doesn’t find the comment amusing. Hank, meanwhile, races out of the house leaving Sarah stunned. “Yeah. Get used to that”, Sandy tells Sarah.

Hank stops by Max’s place to get his camera that was given to him for the ferry trip. A crying Amber opens the door. Hank sees Max pacing up and down. Amber tries to explain that she’s scared about Max’s episode when Hank brushes pass her to talk to Max. Amber is clearly hurt. Hank goes to calm Max down but that doesn’t work because Max continues to pace back and forth wondering why he can’t understand people and why does he have to be around people and he likes being isolated and why is isolated such a bad word. Hank decides to pace along with Max and then he realizes that he left the house in a panic because he saw Sandy and Sarah in a tense conversation.

Hank comes back home and tries to explain to Sarah why he left the house. But when he mentions that he saw Amber crying and never asked why she was crying, Sarah leaves to check up on her daughter. Hank, again, realizes that maybe he should’ve asked Amber if she was okay.

Hank stops by Sandy’s house who immediately goes into defense mode ready to attack him. Hank gets his chance to tell his ex-wife that he has Asperger’s. Sandy is stunned. Hank goes on to say maybe the reason for their discord was mainly because of him. He apologizes for the way he had treated her. They leave on a good note. And the good note continues to the next day. Sandy stops by to pick up Ruby. She tells her that it’s going to be a fun day because she found Ruby’s favorite and exclusive yogurt flavor. Ruby is beyond excited and tells Hank he should come with them. They’re talking all excitedly while Sarah is standing nearby feeling intrusive. Sandy apologizes and ask if Sarah is okay with them going out for yogurt together. Sarah is cool with it (but she’s really not) and the trio leaves.

Julia and Joel: Julia and Joel are getting a divorce. Papers are being finalized and it seems to be having a smooth process, so far. The soon-to-be did have a moment in an elevator where they held hands and embraced each other. Maybe suddenly realizing that their new reality is getting closer.

Julia stops by Joel to try to give him another chance to take back his word that Julia can keep the house. She tells him to keep the emotion to the side and realize that the house is an asset. Joel balks at the word ‘asset’. He reminds Julia that the house have some great memories like bringing Sydney home when she was born and Victor spending his first night feeling safe. Joel tells Julia that he knows that he hurt her. He’s sorry for that. Also, if he can’t have her with him in the house then he doesn’t want the house. Julia is speechless and quickly leaves.

Julia’s boyfriend, Chris, stops by to pick her up for their date that Julia completely forgot about. She tells him that her divorce papers came in the mail today. Chris decides he can leave to give her space but Julia says that he can come into the house. While drinking some wine, Julia tells Chris more about the divorce and that she gets to keep the house. Chris makes a toast to new memories. He then states that if he finishes the wine he’ll be too drunk to go home. Julia picks up on the hint and ends the night there.

Joel stops by to see Zeek to say good-bye. He tells Zeek that he was his role model and that he’ll miss seeing him but it has to end. He can’t keep dragging on the situation with Julia; it’s time to let her go. Zeek tells Joel that he’s giving up. He asks if Joel loves his kids then if he loves his wife. Joel answers ‘yes’ to both. Zeek looks Joel right in the eyes and tell him, “You love her. Joel, you fight for her. You fight for her. Don’t leave.”

Back at his home, Joel sinks into his couch. He jumps up, grabs the key and heads over to Julia’s. He confesses to her that he was too stupid to listen when she cried out to him to fight for their marriage. Now, he is. He wants her back. He doesn’t want to spend another second away from her. He’s ready to fight for their marriage.



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