Parenthood: Season 6 Episode 8

Hank deals with his rebellious teenage daughter. Max wants to ask Dylan on a date…but does Dylan feel the same way? Crosby continues to deal with the gradual decline of The Luncheonette.

Hank and Ruby: Sandy and Ruby barges into Hank’s job arguing. I mean, what else is new? Ruby complains to her Dad that she’s old enough to stay by herself for one night while Sandy is away on a business trip. Sandy sees it differently; she doesn’t want Ruby by herself and insist she stays with Hank instead. The mom knows for a fact that Ruby will invite friends over and have herself a raucous party. Hank sides with his daughter and says she can stay by herself. And since he’s nearby the house, he can always check up on her if things goes awry. Ruby promises to her Dad that she’ll be fine and she won’t have people over. Once hearing the word ‘promise’, Hank was even more set in believing Ruby would be fine on her own.

But, of course, Ruby is a wild child. She throws a party with lots and lots of alcohol. Remember, Ruby is only 15 years old. This girl is bold…and a typical teenager who has the chance to have one night alone in a big ass house. Hank finds out about the party because he stopped by. He immediately calls Sandy to break the news. Sandy is puzzled as to why Hank is still in the car and not storming into her house to break off the party. Hank doesn’t want to confront Ruby because they’re at a good place in their relationship. Sandy, clearly annoyed, tells him she’s heading back home.

Hank, however, decides to man the eff up. He eventually does break up the party leaving Ruby standing there scared. While cleaning up, Ruby tries to tell her father that she has no idea how this party happened; she only invited a few friends. Hank was not here for that. Ruby asks Hank not to tell Sandy. Too late, already done. Ruby gets mad, Hank screams at her, Ruby stomps away to her bedroom but made sure to tell her Dad that she doesn’t love him and she hates him. Y’know, typical teenage behavior.

Sandy comes back to see Hank finishing up with cleaning. They have a heart-to-heart over a bottle of Brandy left behind. Sandy pretty much tells Hank this is Ruby’s usual behavior. Hank doesn’t like it and comments, “This is hard.” Indeed. The next day, however, all is well between the father and daughter. Hank decides to teach Ruby how to play poker. They joke, they laugh, they bond.

Max: Max wants to take his relationship with Dylan to the next level. So he asks his Mom for advice on how to ask a girl out on a date. Kristina wants to wait until Adam is back home but Max is anything but patient. Kristina reluctantly tells her son to just ask her. And that’s exactly what Max intends to do. He searches for Dylan in the school’s lobby. The search leads him to the kitchen area where he finds Dylan in a heavy lip-lock with another boy, Aaron Brown. Max is heartbroken. But he channels his heartbreak into anger. He stomps into the principal office aka Kristina’s office and demands her to expel Aaron Brown. He tries to list reasons but Kristina gently tells him those reasons doesn’t warrant expulsion.

Max takes matter into his own hands. He begins a petition asking his fellow students to band together and expel Aaron Brown. Dylan gets her hands on the petition and tries to get Max to back down. That doesn’t work because the infamous Aaron Brown sees the petition. Aaron proceeds to call Max a ‘little bitch’ (kinda surprised it wasn’t ‘bitch baby’…sorry, watched Scandal’s winter finale before typing up this recap). Max retaliates by pushing his enemy. A fight breaks out. Kristina runs out of her office to break it up. Meanwhile, where are the other teachers? Show one teacher, at least. Where’s dude from Happy Endings? Someone?  Anywho, Kristina reads the petition and notices one of the reasons was “Excessive PDA”. She’s all like, huh? Max says it’s due to Dylan making out with Aaron in the kitchen. Kristina sadly looks at her son. He did all of this because his crush was kissing another boy. Despite Max creating disturbance at school, she doesn’t punish him. What kinda school is this, though?!

Dylan stops by the house to talk to Kristina. She explains to her that she’ll never like Max that way. But she still wants to be his friend. Max heads downstairs to see both of them talking. He asks Kristina why Dylan was there. They both answered that she was here to see her friend, him. Max is all, we ain’t friends. But for someone to tell his friend to their face that they are not friends anymore, he still goes to talk to her. But this time with a very creepy chart detailing why they should be together. Dylan is embarrassed and pretty much had enough. She finally tells him that she’ll never love him the way he loves her. Max, hurt, runs out of the lunchroom…and out of the school premises…and right through traffic…to end up across the street. Kristina runs after him (while running through traffic she actually slapped the car for not stopping for her…even though SHE RAN THROUGH TRAFFIC). After catching up with her son, she tells him that what he did took courage and that she loved the chart. Max pointed out that Dylan’s friends thought the chart was creepy. Kristina disagrees. Dylan’s friends were right – that chart was mad stalker-ish. Kristina abandons her principal mode and goes in Mom mode telling Max that what he did was amazing and yeah it might suck now but he’ll feel like this again real soon and the best part is that the next girl will feel the same way, as well. “It doesn’t feel amazing”, Max says quietly.

Crosby: Crosby really isn’t in high spirit these days what with The Luncheonette losing money left and right. And Jasmine telling him that she’s considering picking up a job at her Mom’s workplace isn’t helping matters, either. Jasmine’s new job will be filing papers at an accounting firm for $30/hr. I’m sorry, in what lovely economy does the Braverman clan reside in which filing some papers grants you a nice $30/hr? Crosby is sadden that it came to this point that Jasmine went back to work early just to help out with their financial situation. When Camille stops by to do grandmother duties aka babysit Aida and asks Crosby about Jasmine, he lies to her saying that Jasmine took the filing job because she’s tired of being cooped up in the house.

His day doesn’t get better at The Luncheonette. Due to lagging business, the studio decided to allow anybody to create music at the venue. So when a singing duo wants to create cat jingles, Crosby just has to suck it up because, hey, at least they’re getting paid. Feeling down about the situation, and after catching Crosby wildin’ out by himself in the studio, Amber suggests they go to a nearby club to get a chance to speak with a rising band in hopes of getting the band to record at The Luncheonette. Crosby is hesitant at first given the concert starts at 11pm and he has dinner with his family and his mother-in-law prior. But Amber gets him to go, essentially telling him he’s still young to have fun.

Jasmine’s mom brings up the fact about the poor economy during dinnertime. She gently mentions a friend of hers whose son is in the same situation as Crosby. She said the son is now into real estate and maybe Crosby can do the same. Crosby can’t believe Jasmine told her Mom about their financial problems. He stressed that it’s emasculating. Jasmine, once again, tells him that it’s not his problem, it’s theirs. They’re into this together. Crosby doesn’t see it that way and leaves for the concert.

He catches up with Amber in line. Amber is having second thoughts about being there given she’s pregnant and all. Crosby tells her she’s fine. They get to the front of the line, Amber is waved in. However, Crosby is stopped to get frisked. The bouncer immediately finds the weed. While Crosby is trying to weasel is way inside the club with the weed, Amber begins to feel stomach pains. Thinking she may be going into labor, she tells Crosby to take her to the hospital. Turns out the pain she experienced was normal. On the bed, Amber apologizes for a failed night and not getting a chance to secure the band. Crosby informs her that’s not her role, that’s his and Adam’s roles. Then he apologized to her for The Luncheonette going down. Amber assures her Uncle that things will look up. Be patient.

Back at home, Jasmine was there to console Crosby. He apologizes for not selling The Luncheonette when he had the chance. They wouldn’t be in the situation they are currently experiencing if not for that decision. He also apologizes to his wife for making her take up a job that she clearly doesn’t want. Her dream is to one day open a ballet school and now that’s been put on hold. “Everybody gets there time to shine”, was her reply.

Crosby is slowly slipping away. As I stated in my previous recap, I believe Crosby will be the one to pass away. It can’t be something as predictable as Zeek having another heart attack. Or Amber losing her baby…or even dying from having the baby. Nope, it’s Crosby.


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