What’s Streaming on Netflix – October 2017

October 2, 2017
/   Movies

Here’s what’s been added to Netflix this month: TV Shows October 1 • Cleverman: Season 2 • Lockup: Disturbing the Peace: Collection 1 • PJ Masks: Season 1 October 5 • Bonus Family (Bonusfamiljen): Season 1...

My Emmy Win Wishes

September 15, 2017
/   TV

The Oscars for TV is upon us and will be happening on Sunday, September 18. Due to scheduled life programming chances are high that I will not be watching this year’s offerings – which...

My First True Guilty Pleasure – #TerraceHouse

August 23, 2017
/   TV

One day I was talking to a friend about TV and asking what he planned to watch that weekend. He listed the shows/movies and casually mentioned that he wanted to check out this show...

My 90 Day Fiance Rant About Chantal’s Family

August 12, 2017
/   TV

I have written before about 90 Day Fiance (see here). Since I wrote that post, the show has decided to focus on just a few of the couples and continue to document their journey....

Magazine Cover: Niecy Nash on Essence

August 11, 2017

Coming off the successes of Scream Queens and Getting On, Niecy Nash has scored herself another hit. This time as the lead on the fun show, Claws (see my thoughts on it here). She...

Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Recap: Season 4 Episode 3

August 7, 2017
/   TV

Princess, still looking snatched from head to toe finally makes an appearance this season and comes out with Ray to celebrate A1’s record label launch. Alexis Skyy comes with her boyfriend, something called Solo...

A Summer Show You Should Be Watching – Claws

August 1, 2017
/   TV

“Claws” is TV series starring Niecy Nash as Desna. A mama bear manicurist and her group of friends who all work at her nail shop. Desna has big dreams of owning her own nail...

What’s Streaming on Netflix – August 2017

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Can you believe it is August??! Here is what is streaming on Netflix this month. August 1 Crematorium: Season 1 The Hollywood Masters: Season 1 The Royal House of Windsor: Season 1 Surviving Escobar...

A Show You Should Be Watching – Last Chance U

July 30, 2017
/   TV

Last Chance U is a Netflix original reality series that focuses on the football team at East Mississippi Community College (EMCC). As the title suggests, it really is the last chance for these players....

My Thoughts On “Girls Trip”

July 23, 2017
/   Movies

Group of friends known as the Flossy Posse back in college, have grown apart. Ryan (Regina Hall), now a famous author and personality is invited to be the keynote speaker at the Essence Festival...

For The Love of GoT

July 11, 2017
/   TV

It’s no secret that while I appreciate GoT as a drama, I just don’t get the dizzy spells and trance like status that most do at the mere mention of the show or any...

My Thoughts On Some Netflix Originals – Part 1

July 5, 2017
/   Movies

Over the last year, Netflix announced its intention to move more towards original shows and invested about $6 billion. Yup – BILLION – into original content. If you haven’t heard the numerous shows that...

Fan Friday – Shameless

September 20, 2013
/   Fan Friday

I’m from a large and polygamous family fully fitted with all the incessant bickering, unrequited love, and the best set of nephews and nieces that life has on offer. To an extent, I’ve always...

Look of the Day – David Beckham

February 5, 2014
/   Red Carpet

Umm yea, this wasn’t about his style or anything. Just something to look and bless your eyes with because we all know he looks good in anything – or nothing..if you watched his Superbowl...

Streaming on Netflix – April 2014

March 31, 2014
/   Movies

New month, New Additions. Here’s a list of the new additions for the month. Feel free to bookmark for those days, you are looking for what to watch. You can always come back to...

Fan Friday – Blue Bloods

November 1, 2013
/   Fan Friday

CBS’ Blue Bloods is one of my favorite shows on TV right now. On the surface, it seems like another run of the mill American police procedural show, but after watching just one episode you...

25 Movies to see before Oscar Night

February 24, 2014
/   Movies

The Oscars will air next Sunday, March 2nd. Most times, most people haven’t watched a lot of the movies that are nominated. For some reason, I think this year is different and people will...

Fan Friday Rules Explained

August 16, 2013
/   Fan Friday

Hi Guys! Some of you might have been following the new segment I started called Fan Fridays. So far, most of the writeups I have received have been for TV Shows, so a lot...

Fan Friday – True Blood

August 2, 2013
/   Fan Friday

Oh my gosh….9 letters…9 letters send me into a frenzy. A frenzy of excitement, anticipation, and good old fun. People look for that sensation in roller coasters, drugs, sex, food…okay yes, I like some...

BET Awards Red Carpet

July 1, 2013
/   Red Carpet

The BET awards were televised last night. The Red Carpet was terribly underwhelming. There also seemed to be a lot of white on the Carpet. Below are some looks. What do you guys think?...

VMA Red Carpet

August 25, 2013
/   Red Carpet

        Do you have any favorites? *pictures from Yahoo and Hollywood Life  

List of Drunk in Love Remixes

February 18, 2014
/   Music

Unless you have been under a rock, you should know Beyonce’s hit “Drunk in Love”. Apparently, the stars love it as much as the public does because there’s been a bunch of remakes of...

Now Streaming on Netflix [February 2014]

February 3, 2014
/   Movies

Looking for what to watch on Netflix? Check out these titles that have been added this month. TV: Feb 1 – Bates Motel, Season 1 —I liked this. It’s a bit creepy but an...

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Here’s the first part of this post where I list my thoughts on some Netflix originals that I have had a chance to see. Without any preamble, Here are the rest:

Dear White People – I didn’t expect to like this as I wasn’t so taken by the movie version of it. But yep, it was pretty smart and funny with some good acting thrown into the mix. Also, I’m always game for 30 minute episode Netflix shows.

Sense 8 – I started but haven’t finished and when it got canceled I kinda moved it down to the list. For fans of the show who don’t know already, the show has been given a 2 hr movie green light to wrap up the story lines.

Master of None – My heart is always filled with glee when a show I love doesn’t fall into a second season slump. Season was perfection. Even with the Italian girl who I disliked a lot. I always wonder how a show that has (to me) subpar acting produces such excellence. That’s a testament to how good the show is. If you can’t watch the whole season, do yourself a favor and watch the “New York, I Love You” and “Thanksgiving” episode. Greatness.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Season 3) – I don’t care much for this show. I find every single character annoying but I have to say this season was the one season I found the funniest and actually laughed.

The Keepers – If you are looking for a documentary to remind you that the world is evil and religion might be the biggest warfare laid on mankind then this is it. I just couldn’t believe what I was watching or hearing or seeing. I might have watched every episode with my jaw down and my eyes popped. Really good stuff.

Bloodline (Season 3) – This final season was so terrible. Episode 9 was one of the worst things I have ever seen. Netflix did right by putting it out its misery.

House of Cards (Season 5) – For a show I love so much, it was hard to admit that this season was a bit of a dud. It was so all over the place and it was not till the last 2 or 3 episodes that I saw signs of a show I recognized.

F is For Family (Season 2) – The other animated original on Netflix. It’s funny how I hated it first time I watched it. Someone insisted it was funny and I gave it another shot. This season was so good.

Orange is the New Black (Season 5) – Another show that I really enjoy. Even the third season a lot of people didn’t like. It failed me this season. I just. I don’t know…I don’t think packing a whole season into 3 days after a major death was a good idea. It just seemed to have no direction. I have to say I did like the finale.

Glow – Based on a true life show in the 80’s on the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. I quite enjoyed it. It’s not the deepest of shows and people seem to be turned off by the wrestling aspect of it but it’s a fun watch that gives most of the ladies an identity with a focused story line.

Okja – I thought this movie was pretty shitty. But the general consensus was that it was great so don’t trust my opinion yet till I get a chance to see it again and conclude.

Gypsy – I felt rage and annoyance watching this show. It has a pretty intriguing story line but it gets to a point where if every single character is unlikable it just ruins the show and you just want everyone to die. I hope it doesn’t get renewed. 

Well, there you have it folks. Those are all the shows I have managed to see so far. I have to say that I did not see any of the comedy specials which is why you don’t see them on the list. Have you seen any? What did you think? For those of you looking for something to watch, hope you are able to find at least one or two things from the list.