25 Movies To Watch Before Oscar Night

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Since March 2020, we have all lost track of time since March 2020 and adjusted to this new reality. Since then, the Golden Globes weren’t televised, for the first time, the Indie awards aren’t the day before the Oscars and in fact, have already aired. The Oscars are a little later this year but are still rounding up award season.

I’ve scaled back a lot on the blog but I couldn’t break tradition on this. As always, I help you prepare for Oscar night by letting you know the movies to watch and keep you in the loop. I will have a little blurb on what I feel about the movies I have watched. Check back for those I have not watched yet as I will be updating.

  1. The Power Of The Dog – I am still on the fence on how I feel about this. I don’t think it was great but it didn’t suck. I don’t think Kirsten Dunst deserves a nom. You can find my thoughts on it here (Streaming on Netflix)
  2. Being The Ricardos – I am so stuck on the casting for this movie that I am yet to bring myself to watch it (Streaming on Prime Video)
  3. tick, tick…BOOM! – This movie was like the movie version of being on acid. It was very…frenzied but I think knowing the real life story grounds it and gives it context (Streaming on Netflix)
  4. King Richard – I absolutely loved this movie and it’s exciting that Aunjanue Ellis got recognized and also that Will is more than likely going to get an Oscar. You can find my thought on it here (Streaming on HBO Max)
  5. The Tragedy Of Macbeth – You’d expect nothing less than a great performance by Denzel. Frances Mcdormand was actually the weak link to me. The movie wasn’t my cup of tea and also it’s in black and white (Streaming on Apple TV+)
  6. Belfast – Have not watched
  7. Encanto – Needs no comment. Very fun. Music is great. You can find my thoughts here  (Streaming on HBO Max)
  8. CODA – Loved this. So heartwarming. You can find my thoughts on it here (Streaming on Apple TV+)
  9. The Eyes Of Tammy Faye – An enjoyable movie. I could see how some may think Jessica Chastain made the character a caricature but she really was animated and I think she did a great job. As did Andrew Garfield. My thoughts on it here (Streaming on HBO Max)
  10. The Lost Daughter – I can see how this could be an acquired taste for some but I liked this. Olivia Coleman was good as always but so was Jessie Buckley. Dakota Johnson added her own flair to the movie as well (Streaming on Netflix)
  11. West Side Story – This remake was just okay. Ariane Debose is the front runner in this category and I am not sure why (Streaming on HBO Max)
  12. Drive My Car  – Have not watched (Streaming on HBO Max)
  13. Licorice Pizza  – Have not watched
  14. Summer of Soul – Anything that is blackity, black, black has my attention. Fun hour and some watching black people revel in their magic and talent. You can find my thoughts here (Streaming on Hulu)
  15. The Hand of God – Enjoyed this one. Thoughts on it here. (Streaming on Netflix)
  16. Parallel Mothers – Have not seen (Streaming on Prime Video)
  17. Spencer – This was an odd one, I have to say. Stewart is the front runner but I am too distracted by the movie’s oddness to determine if it was a good performance or not (Streaming on Hulu)
  18. Don’t Look Up – The very definition of “on the nose”. Some consider it clever, I am not one of them. My thoughts on it here (Streaming on Netflix)
  19. Dune – Have not watched (Streaming on HBO Max)
  20. Spiderman: No Way Home – It’s on here for visual effects and because I liked it
  21. Nightmare Alley – Have not seen (Streaming on HBO Max)
  22. House of Gucci – Have not seen
  23. Coming 2 America – For the culture and nominee for makeup and hairstyling. My thoughts on it here (Streaming on Prime Video)
  24. The Worst Person In The World – have not seen
  25. No Time To Die – have not seen

Let me know if you have seen most of these or plan to. Would also love to hear your thoughts. Your comments help more than you realize 🙂

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