25 Movies To Watch Before Oscar Night

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The world has been a ball of adjustments for over a year now. It’s so hard to believe that last year we went through all of award season right before the world turned upside down. This year, it’s different and dates have been shuffled around. The Oscars will be airing April 25 and I am here to guide you through what movies that will keep you up to date and you have an idea of what is going on through the night with my annual list.

Movies this last year were…interesting, for lack of a better word. Off the top of my head I am not sure I can think of any movie I can say I LOVED. As always, I’ll leave a blurb on what I thought of the movies I have seen and will keep updating as I watch more movies.

  1. The Father – Have not watched
  2. Judas and the Black Messiah – This was a good watch. You can see my thoughts on it here. Highly recommend. Still hilarious that Daniel Kaaluya and Lakeith Stanfield are supporting actors. Okay then.
  3. Mank – I should warn you this is entirely shot in black and white. I avoid Gary Oldman movies because I find them boring. This actually had a story that was compelling but I’d still call it boring.
  4. Minari – Have not watched
  5. Nomadland – I completely understand that this movie had an important point of view and was a tad somber but I unfortunately just found this boring.
  6. Promising Young Woman – This was actually a “fun” movie. It’s in quotes because the subject matter is sensitive. Did not see the end coming.
  7. Sound of Metal – Very touching. Can’t imagine suddenly losing your hearing out the blue. Riz Ahmed was so good.
  8. The Trial Of The Chicago 7 – Have not watched
  9. Another Round – Have not watched
  10. Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom – Acting was good but you could tell it was a play translated to movie. They don’t always translate well and I didn’t find the end satisfying.
  11. United States vs. Billie Holiday – I don’t think that this was the best produced movie but Andra Day was really good in it.
  12.  Pieces of a Woman – Gut wrenching movie and in my opinion, Vanessa Kirby should win the best actress trophy
  13. Borat Subsequent Movie Film – This was a break from the usual serious award movies. I think it’s an acquired taste.
  14. Hillbilly Elegy – Have not watched
  15. One Night in Miami – Fantastic dialogue. Kingsley Ben-Adir was robbed.
  16. The White Tiger – Really enjoyed this one. You can see my thoughts on it here.
  17. Soul – Fun animated movie. I just wonder how kids ae supposed to comprehend this or if it was really made for adults.
  18. Onward – Have not watched
  19. Collective – Have not watched
  20. My Octopus Teacher – Have not watched
  21. News of The World – Have not watched
  22. Crip Camp – Have not watched
  23. Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga – Enjoyed this one. In case you are wondering why it is on this list, it was nominated for Best Song.
  24. Tenet – I tapped out not long into it. Required too much mental gymnastics.
  25. Emma – Have not seen.

How many of these have you seen? Do you plan on seeing any of them?

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