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Who Is Royal's Wife in 'The Family Chantel'? She's the Newest Member

I have written before about 90 Day Fiance (see here). Since I wrote that post, the show has decided to focus on just a few of the couples and continue to document their journey. Chantel and Pedro (above) are one of the couples. Chantel is American from Atlanta, GA while Pedro is from the Dominican Republic. Everything went wrong from beginning when Chantel insisted on lying to her parents and telling them that Pedro moved to America on a student visa vs the truth that he was here on a 90 day fiance visa and they were getting married. It was a stupid decision from jump and probably why we are in this situation that I am about to rant about.

Naturally, Chantel’s family were apprehensive about Pedro when the lie was revealed and automatically thought the worst of him. Ok – fair enough. But here’s the problem. They didn’t take the time to get to know this young man better, especially Chantel’s spoiled brat of a brother, River who basically just dislikes Pedro and had to be cajoled to make it to the wedding ceremony. They judged poor Pedro and even made him sign a prenup (what does Chantel have?) They haven’t made a turn around since then.

Chantel’s parents

They seem to forget that Pedro left his entire family to be with Chantel. While I get the apprehension of someone coming from a different country, he actually seems like one of the good ones and deeply cares for Chantel. He barely speaks English and once her family gangs up on him, it’s so frustrating watching him try to defend himself due to the language barrier. It would be nice if his wife stood up for him but it’s like her family has a hold on her and gets into her head and she always sides with them. Anyways, this season it gets to a head when Chantel suddenly has issues with him sending money back to the DR to his mom and sister.

Now, I get it. Americans don’t see beyond their nose tip and thinks the world revolves around America and that’s it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. If you marry someone who is from a different culture, it’s helpful to learn a little about it. Again, he left everything for her. Also, as an immigrant, I probably understand it better. The exchange rate allows for the dollar to go a helluva long way more in DR than it would here. Pedro is able to move his family to a 3br apartment and when they return for the second wedding he goes back with toiletries and dresses (again, normal to me. it’s just cheaper here!) for his family.

Chantel seems fine with it till her parents see it all and get into her head. They go visit Pedro’s mom and their faces already look like sour milk. Pedro’s mom serves them chicken feet which may have had some shade and could have been cultural and Chantel’s family are all like it’s voodoo and they aren’t touching it and leave. They set out and make a 5 hour journey to visit his grandma in the village or country as Americans say. As soon as they get there, Chantel’s family refuses to get out the van they begin to say really disrespectful things like “it’s where militia live”, “look at the wild dogs”. They also refer to her pot as a “cauldron”. I saw red. I was furious! How dare they?

Chantel’s brother, River. Ugh.

They go on and on and eventually just leave. And the worst part? Chantel leaves with them. Boy. This was the last straw for Pedro’s sister because they are sick and tired of seeing how their brother is treated. Pedro even tries talking to her father and he repeats again how they think his mom has conspired to have him marry an American in order to upgrade her life. Whoosh. While once again, Pedro is trying to defend himself with the language barrier. Chicken River (above) tells him to pipe down and respect his dad. God! After you disrespected his mom and sister?? Boy, are you kidding me??

Whoosah. I am so furious at her family and there is really nothing I can do as I do not know these people and it is just a tv show. I just really hate the disrespect and ignorance that is being shown every week by this family. If they could just take a step down from their high horse and learn a little about other cultures maybe they will have some respect for Pedro. Since it is a reality show, I am sure it will get all resolved but for now, you guys are just going to have endure my rant 😀


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