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Looking back on the year, we actually had some decent albums and yet there weren’t that many that I can say I was compelled to listen to on repeat. You can see my thoughts on that here. But in recent weeks, new music has dropped and I found myself going back for more, so I decided to share. These are some of the albums that you should probably try to give a shot:

  1. 24k Magic – Bruno Mars: Actually, you should have listened to this album by now. I love this guy. One of the reasons I love him is that he is so effortless. He doesn’t conform to the pop-crowd, does his own thing and still manages to stand out while entertaining us to the highest levels. 24k Magic is an easy, breezy body of work with a complete ode to the 90’s (and those of us who lived through the 90’s know it had the bestest of musics across all genres). One more thing he does better is the album is just 9 songs, so you don’t go through album fatigue like most where you are just tired after a point. The songs are so good that all you are left wanting is more. Faves: Versace on the Floor, 24K Magic, Perm

2. The Altar – Banks: My intro to Banks was as an opening act for The Weeknd at a concert. I was instantly taken by “Waiting Game” and followed her ever since. Two albums in and I still into her music. I really don’t know what genre what to put her in but I do know I just enjoy what I hear. It’s chill music. Faves: This is not about us, Weaker Girl

3. Long Live the Angels – Emeli Sande: I think Emeli Sande is underrated. She has a great voice and is a good song writer but I think she is one of those people that isn’t necessarily meant to be a star and so has to work harder to be recognized. I gotta say, I like this album a lot. She had a specific sound she was going for and this is evident in all the songs. Almost every song comes heavily laden with a choir and a big dose of emotion. Faves: Selah, Breathing Underwater, Hurts, Give Me Something

4. Starboy – The Weeknd: You should just listen. No explanation needed. Faves: Six Feet Under, Attention, I feel it coming

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