Best Dressed at the 2015 Emmy Awards Red Carpet

I gotta say this was an underwhelming red carpet and I didn’t see anyone who made me go “oooh”. Here are some of the looks I considered better than the others. Also, it was interesting to see how some clothes looked better on the red carpet than on TV and vice versa.

Lady Gaga was my best dressed of the night
You know, this isn’t a great look and it still reminds me of a Brawny paper towel but the look on her and overall was cutesy.
I’ve ragged so hard on Sarah Hyland that I can’t believe she is on this list but it’s cute, especially the back.
More about the overall look but Gina Rodriguez looks pretty.
I really liked Sarah Paulson’s dress
Aubrey Plaza with her Studio 54 vibes looks pretty.
Pregnant Cat Deely glowed on the red carpet
45 year old Padma Lakshmi looked liked liquid gold in this dress
This didn’t photograph as well as it looked on TV
Honorable mention to Heidi for being a hot mess and the worst dressed.


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