Fall 2015 Shows I Plan to Check Out

Last year, I listed these shows as the shows I was planning to give a try. Of the five shows, Jane the Virgin was the only one that lived up to expectations and that I like a lot. The Affair started okay but lost it’s way at some point. I still watch but it’s not the greatest. I stopped torturing myself watching Gotham and the remaining two shows have been canceled.

In recent times, nothing really has piqued my interest and the number of shows I am interested in gets less and less but I managed to pick a few that I plan to check out.

  1. Scream Queens

Honestly, I don’t think Ryan Murphy ever does great work. It’s like good, okay or enjoyable but I have never described his work as great and yet, I find myself watching his stuff. I think I am being seduced by the cast. The most bubblegum, teeny bopper cast but hey, I’ll give it a shot.

Scream Queens premieres September 22 on Fox

2. Fargo

Now if you keep track of things I say, you will know that Fargo Season 1 was the best thing I watched last year. I am not sure how they plan to top it but I am praying we don’t get a repeat of what True Detective 2 did to us (absolute disaster). It has a decent cast and I just get a good vibe so *fingers crossed* . It’s an anthology so you don’t have to watch Season 1 to watch this (although I highly recommend season 1 just cuz it’s so good)

Fargo Season 2 premieres October 12 on FX


So, the only thing I know about this show is that there is a woman who wakes up in the middle of the street naked and is tattooed everywhere but she has no memory. This is an NBC show so I am prepared for disappointment as no one axes shows faster than this ailing network. I feel like I will lose interest but hey we are talking about giving a shot, eh?

Blindspot premieres September 21 on NBC

4. Flesh and Bone

The poster got me. That and being helmed by a Breaking Bad alum. I have no idea what it is about but I read it is a limited series. As it says above it premieres November 8 on Starz.

I tried really hard to come up with a 5th show but I couldn’t. There are bunch of new shows but I am just not excited about them. I will eventually sift through and let you guys know if I find a gem. Do you have any shows you are looking forward to?

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