Fall 2016 Shows I Am Planning To Check Out

There’s A LOT of tv shows on TV. I am usually uninspired by the fall lineups and have just a handful of shows listed but this year, I think I have more than a handful and it is definitely interesting because I don’t even know the premise for most of them. I just happened to either have seen a quick preview of it or seen the critics rave about it. I am confident in the fact that some will get canceled and I can lighten my TV load. Without further ado, here are some of the shows I plan to check out:

  1. Secrets and Lies – I didn’t get to watch the first season with Ryan Phillipe but this has Michael Ealy so why not? (Premieres September 25 on ABC)

2. Atlanta – Starring Donald Glover, it tells the story of cousins trying to make their way into the Atlanta rap scene. I am not sure how this will fare but I am here for every predominantly black show (Premieres Sept 6 on FX)

3. This is Us – This is the show that has me intrigued the most and I am not sure why as I know nothing about the show except it tells the story of the lives of different people all born on the same day. I also don’t mind any of the actors in it (Premieres Sept. 20 on NBC)

4. American Housewife – I saw a lady with sass yelling and chuckled. Maybe it’ll help me kick Modern Family off my DVR.

5. The Good Place – Kristen Bell and Ted Danson star in this show where Bell finds herself in the afterlife “good place” because she died doing a good deed. She isn’t exactly pleased to be here as everything is too “goody goody” (premieres Sept. 19 on NBC)

6. Insecure – An Issa Rae venture produced by Larry Wilmore on HBO. I’m in (Premieres Oct. 9 on HBO)

7. Divorced – I don’t even care for Sarah Jessica Parker but it’s on HBO so I’ll watch. See premiere info above.

8. Pitch – No clue what it’s about but the critics are raving and sometimes they get it right 🙂

9. Better Things – Pamela Adlon + Louis CK + FX. Sounds like a winner to me (Premieres Sept. 8 on FX)

10. Queen Sugar – Filling up the hole left by Greenleaf (which you should be watching), the show based on a book, tells the story of estranged siblings in Louisiana (Premieres Sept. 6 on OWN)

11. Luke Cage – Pure unadulterated lust is my reason for watching.

So that’s all I got for you folks. I am sure there will be more but these are the shows that stand out or that I remember right now.  For a complete list of shows that are premiering, you can see it here. Do you have any shows that you plan on watching?







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