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Fan Friday – Happiness by Mafikizolo

I love music and I love dancing, when in the right mood I can dance for a good 2 to 3 hours without stopping and maybe in heels, alcohol makes it easier in heels. I love music I can dance to and the origin is irrelevant, a nice beat, drums and right level of comfort and I will probably dance. I recently came across this song, Happiness by South African group Mafikizolo Listen to Happiness   and it was labeled as South African House music. I love house and I like South African beats so it was only fair that I listen. I have been known to shut my eyes, shut the lights and dance in my room, all by myself, do not judge me, it makes me happy.

So, back to “Happiness” – To say I love this song is a bit of an understatement, I LOVE LOVE this song. The drums, the voices, the simplicity of it, the first break at 1:30 when the xylophones come in brings a smile to my face and when  Nhlanhla Nciza (female singer) professes her love and the next break at 2:20 as she continues singing in Swahili makes me sway and just imagine I am at a party as I sit at my desk. At 3:35 I yell “chamulilee eh” and mouthing “kinkinkinkikirinki kinkinkinkikirinki” and “Pompo pomporompo pompo pomporompo”, yes, my favorite parts have no words. But maybe it means something but it doesn’t matter, that’s how much I feel the beat… my goodness, this song makes me happy.  4 minutes into it, it slows a bit and you think it’s about to end but no, pure trickery then the xylophone comes back… “Oh mama oh, mama oh”, about 5 minutes into it. At this point, I am literally grinning, genuine joy from the music.

I believe God created music to make life bearable and take us away once in a while; this absolutely does it for me. This has been in constant replay since I discovered it. A little bit of research took me to Khona by the same group Mafikizolo, Khona  now this one, OMG I can barely sit still when this comes one.  I will go to South Africa just to find a club to dance to House music and then I’ll come back and tell you all about it.

Submitted by Zya Felix Houston, TX

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