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Fan Friday – Luther

Luther is a British psychological crime drama television series starring Idris Elba as the title character Detective Chief Inspector John Luther. (Thanks Wikipedia).

It comes on BBC…I don’t have BBC..I watch it bootleg (can’t reveal my sources to the masses..but if you are nice, I’ll share : )

Luther is a brilliant show with very good story lines and almost instant gratification crime solving. I love the fact that a lot happens in an hour, it creeps me out without leaving me absolutely terrified..and reminds me that there are a lot of sickos out there..but never fear..DCI Luther’s here! Yay. Obviously, Idris (first name basis) is an excellent reason to watch. He won the Golden Globe for his performance (just saying!).

All 3 seasons thus far have been amazing IMNSHO…so here they are:

Five reasons why guys should watch Luther

  1. Suspense filled

  2. To get ideas on how to be a creeper (or how not to be..depending)

  3. To get swag tips… (unless.. you don’t need it in which case..holla ;)!)

  4. Pretty much gets to the point…not a lot of fluff..just good  acting and good drama

  5. I think maybe there are hot chicks…but really, I’m just too focused on Luther all the awesome acting and the great story lines..ahem!

PS: Guys..please stop reading now and go watch Luther, I think the next part might make me lose some credibility..which it totally shouldn’t…give it a chance man!

Five reasons why ladies should watch Luther

  1. Idris : I swear in the dictionary..next to swag (have we killed this word yet?)…is a picture of this beautiful creature. Thank you God!

  2. Idris Elba’s voice

  3. Idris Elba’s face

  4. To be entertained and educated about the creepers out there

  5. Idris (so as I was typing this I was just thinking of how obsessed I get when I’m in Lutherville..see..funny! cuz there’s actually a place called Lutherville…hehe. I digress..anywhoo…I was just thinking that I would very much like to lick the bottom of his foot..yeah she said it…she’s crazy..I know…sigh..!)

What have we learned today class? Idris Elba is Hot as Luther which is an excellent show..so you should watch it…What else are you doing for the next 4-12 hours of your life that is more important? Surely not play Candy Crush Saga because no one will vouch for you so you can’t get to the next level for like days!! Well, while you wait for 3 people to give you permission to move on to the next level, let Luther entertain you!

PS: Within like 3 hours of me writing this, Huffpo, the Boston Globe, USA Today, Slate.com AND Entertainment Weekly all posted articles about it!..so like you know…it’s legit!

 submitted by Kate in MD


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