Love and Hip Hop Atlanta S2: Episode 2

Remember how last week it started with Mimi in the bathroom taking a shower and coming out to have Stevie on the bed? Well today’s opening scene was kind of similar except this week it was Joselyn primping in the bathroom and came out to find…you guessed it..Stevie on the bed. Apparently, after the fight last week Stevie chose Joselyn but Joselyn isn’t having it. She decides she wants to have a talk with Stevie that she can do this anymore with his baby mama always interfering and I swear I thought it was deja vu from last week where Mimi was talking to Stevie about not being able to handle Joselyn always interfering. What I don’t understand is I thought Joselyn said she wasn’t messing with Stevie personally anymore. Sigh, why am I even trying to make sense of this? After Joselyn tells him the only business he should be handling is with his mouth and “beefcake”, Stevie ends the conversation by saying, “Everything comes back to the gatekeeper” *insert Stevie rat face* (or see below)

Erica is expressing her concern to Scrappy about her mom’s disapproval and wonders why her mom can’t be happy for them. Scrappy offers comfort by saying “everybody’s mamas are overstepping their boundaries legally, yafeeme?”. Umm huh? overstepping boundaries legally? Erica decides Scrappy needs to talk her mom and convince her that she is going to get married.

We are introduced to a new cast member, Traci Steel who is a female DJ. She has a son (who is TOO TOO adorable) with Chris Brown’s DJ and we are quickly introduced to the dramas between baby daddies and mommas. She seems very concerned about his groupie entertainment as a hobby..because of their son. To show us how intelligent he is, Baby Daddy Drew tells Traci about his new business venture of Tshirts, sorry his movement, that is THAHA- These Hoes Are Hoes Always. His explanations was “you know how there are groupies, right? We want to call them something else so they don’t know we are calling them groupies, so I came up with THAHA” and he made shirts. and announced this. on national tv. *whispers* they’ll never know that you are calling them something other than hoes. Traci went in on his groupies like 100 more times. While I get the point that it’s not healthy for her little boy, it seemed a bit deeper than just her son’s protection. My verdict on Traci: meh. I am not sold. She seems a tad annoying.

Redundant Mimi comes on TV, giving the weakest punches known to man to a punching bag at the gym while lamenting her woes to K. Michelle. Before she could get a sentence out, K Michelle was on Decibel 100 per usual but she was made sense when she said “Mimi says she’s in the house to keep Joselyn out the house. That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard” and she speaks for everyone out here. She tells Mimi no more and Mimi says – say it with me guys – “I’m done” yaaawwwwwn. No really, if this has been going on for 15 years, can she be saved at this point?

I felt a cold chill and suddenly winter was coming, as Momma Dee appeared on my screen, rolling in her car and stepping out in gator boots. Her hair, a hot fly mess. Camera men went fancy on us and shot an angle of Momma Dee stepping out the car in between Shay’s legs :/. They were meeting because Momma Dee thinks they needed to “conversate”. I’m sure they had a productive conversation but all I heard was Queen, Kingdom, Throne and Pampers. Traci is on my screen again, mentioning her son as a screen again. Her baby daddy asks her to invest $25k in his new business idea…Once again, groupies come up, her son being protected and she loses it again. Home Chick might want to deal with what the issue is without using her son as a screen door.

Scrappy keeps his end of the deal and goes to see Mama Mignon or as he says let’s face the “fizznae”(facts). I’d love to recap their convo but they might as well have been speaking Dothraki, didn’t understand what they were saying. Joselyn goes to ask Stevie for her contract – which she already signed and he tells her that he owns her. You know, everyone  on this show is redundant.

Mimi find a new apartment and K Michelle goes with her for support and I am wondering if she didn’t have a place before. Momma Dee and her offensive hair is in the studio with Scrappy – another Dothraki conversation. Anyways, as she tells Scrappy to keep one eye open, Shay walks into the studio. She dissolves in tears and tells Scrappy that she wasn’t expecting him to hurt her this way. She can’t hate him, she loves him, as long as he is happy. Yea that ended. And hopefully for good. Cuz as much smoke as she was blowing with Momma Dee she ended up being pretty calm about it or as she said “she fell in love with him all over again”

Stevie goes to see Benzino to vent about his two women and asks to crash to get away from the troubles and Benzino straight up says no he needs to go sort himself out, he can’t eat his cake and have it. So Stevie buys a bouquet of red roses and goes to see Mimi. Mimi tells him they have to talk and she is moving out. As she is talking to him, he is pulling petals and saying “she loves me”, “she loves me not”.  Stevie says you don’t do things “hastely” (I am telling you these people speak their own language). He tells Mimi, “You know I can find you right?” and Mimi says “You always do” (umm huh?) Next thing I see is Stevie scuffling with security as Mimi takes her 3 shirts on a hanger in a suitcase and drives off into the darkness. End Scene.

Well that was Episode 2. What did y’all think?



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