Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Season 2 Episode 9

“Me and Stevie are finito” …so begins this episode with Joseline about Stevie. I think she mentioned she still needs him for her international deal but I am sure I heard wrong. Stevie breaks the news that they don’t have a deal. He goes further that he owns her. He tells us that  the label wanted too much of her money and since her money is his money, he pulled the plug on that deal, but wanted her to think that he did it cuz he was mad  at her. She also shares with us that she f**cked Stevie for 20 hours straight. Man, I still love the babe but  bringing up sex when talking business doesn’t help her prostitute case that they keep calling her. Karlie Red, the immature with 90 degree acute angle brows, is talking about her diss record about Krazy Michelle – which we are still yet to hear, is meeting with Krazy Michelle. K says she is on damage control and if she can go past her she can make it past anything. K drops everything and is real to say that she doesn’t hate her and she has crazy ways, she tells Karlie to air out any problems she has with her cuz she doesn’t want to fight anymore. Karlie confesses she has a diss record.K says its fine and she can go ahead and have her diss record but that’s it and they call a truce..something tells me this is temporary.

Ariane dressed as Madam Cleo with a turban on her head meets up with Stevie – weird. She doesn’t like Stevie.  Ariane asks why he is here since he is manipulative, Stevie says he wants to know how Mimi is for real and Ariane says then call her. I burst out laughing when Stevie genuinely asks Ariane, “You really think I am not a good dude?” ell oh ell. Ariane says he hurts Mimi so bad and dissolves in tears as she recounts Mimi/Stevie relationship. Stevie calls Nicko a “wanna be me” – hilarious. He tries the Stevie move to wipe her tears and Ariane sharply cut it short by knocking off his arm. Mimi is having a photoshoot for her fashion brand – MADE: Making a Difference Everyday. Nicko comes in making unnecessary comments and advice and gets Mimi irritated. He stops the shoot and with much ado about nothing presents her with some watch that he wants her to wear. The look of the background extras were hilarious. The “Rolex” was supposed to be matching his and Mimi notices his has diamonds and hers doesn’t. Mimi says “I prefer chunky shit not dainty stuff”. The negative zero chemistry between these two is crazy. Nicko brings up his video and Mimi expresses her anger at being cut and being barely in it. Nicko asks her why she is so angry, at this point they are having a full blown convo, so I assume the shoot is off?

Rasheeda meets up with her mom and tells her how Kirk wants her to have an abortion and his blood test demand. Her mom instantly says she believes  he is seeing someone else cuz it doesn’t sound like him. Stevie looking like a ninja turtle in all green meets up with Benzino. Benzino talks about apologizing to Joseline, Stevie tells him they aren’t together and Benzino wisely says how its madness going back and forth. Stevie says he is doing something big for Mimi. Benzino whines about how he is tired of being single and lists all he is looking for in a woman. Mimi and Stevie meet again. She explains how he hurt her and tears up. Stevie goes for the move again and wipes her tears. The solution according to Stevie is to get her something. They decide on a car and even end with a hug.

Krazy’s birthday. Everyone is having a good time and even Karlie Redd is invited. Benzino shows up and gives her a diamond necklace as a birthday present – as a friend pointed out, Benzino knew what he was doing giving her that in front of Karlie. Karlie gave her the diss record as a gift – weird. Even weirder, she gives her weave:/. Somehow this diss record gets played. Before I could find where the beat started or began, the song was over. Krazy was drunk and even laughed off the part about R Kelly peeing on her but she didn’t appreciate her probably lying about being beat on. Words are being exchanged and somehow K throws a drink in Karlie’s face. Ariane, the peacemaker works her magic and they make up. Why was Karlie so agressive in her confessional? Krazy and Joseline run into each other “accidentally”. Joseline is meeting “a few producers”. They talk a bit and they decided that they would get along. Rasheeda mom goes in on Kirk, and I mean GOES IN and tries to understand what’s going on. Kirk continues to be an ass as Mama Rasheeda goes off on him. What a jerk. Girls are pregaming before Nicko’s video release party. Ariane expresses again how something seems off about Nicko. They screen this wack ass looking video on a quite tiny TV for a video release party. Mimi isn’t happy about the video and Stevie walks in. She gets all googly eyed and shows Stevie her new watch. Stevie goes “Oh, it’s ticking tho. A real Rolly don’t tick. Only a fake catty gives a fake Rolly”.  Nicko wasn’t happy aboutStevie’s presence and gets froggy, Security earns their paycheck. Stevie gives her a brand new BMW car and she says, “You give me this, this should be mine with no strings attached” and I just felt so uncomfortable with this scene. I mean you know how Stevie is and you take a gift as large as this from him at your alleged boyfriend’s party. Sigh, Mimi. Mimi goes gangsta bitch per usual saying Nicko was being a bitch because Stevie gave her a car. Umm, it is kinda weird getting a car from your ex Mimi. It ends with Nicko calling her damaged and Ariane playing peacemaker again. We get no previews for next week and so ends the show.

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