Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Season 4 Episode 1

The season reminds us that Mimi is still a fool because after everything she has gone through with Stevie, we are informed that she is now going into business with him, managing artists. They meet to talk about a new artist, Tiffany Fox and besides business, Stevie offers Mimi some of his “special sauce” also known as sperm to the rest of the world. What is wrong with this guy?

We switch to Miami and we see Karlie Redd and Dawn (the talent “agent” who is on the outs with Joseline and helped Mimi through her sex tape woes). They are at a strip club celebrating the retirement of Jessica Dime Piece – who used to dance with Joseline. Dime Piece is a serious musican guys, she had a deal with Flo Rida that fell through. Dawn and Karlie convince her to move to Atlanta and Dawn promises to make things happen for her. Because it’s TV, just like that she agrees and is moving. Also, to set up the drama, she reveals that Joseline has been ignoring her and hopes everything is okay with her.

Momma Dee’s one song is a “huge hit” and she is performing at a hall. Erica comes by for support so I guess these two are on good terms. The same can’t be said for Erica and Scrappy. Erica reveals that Scrappy is taking her child support kindness for granted and has been behind. Scrappy is still with Bambi and Momma Dee implies she is the bad influence behind Scrappy not paying his child support. Scrappy is not happy about these accusations and says his child lacks for nothing.

Mimi organizes a girls night sip and paint type deal to catch up with the girls – Ariane, Rasheeda, Karlie and Erica. Mimi tells them about being in business with Stevie, Erica – about child support payments, Karlie about Dime Piece moving to ATL and Rasheeda shares she is in a good space with Kirk even through a new act that he is managing. The girls commend her and say it shows growth even though we are shown Kirk and this new chick, Ashley Nicole, who is extra super chummy at his office – an apartment he leased and did not tell Rasheeda about.

We are introduced to Margeaux, Nikko’s ex wife – I can’t stop wondering how this seemingly sane, well put together woman would have anything to do with Nikko. She lets us know that they were in an open relationship but doing the sex tape without letting her know was very hurtful and she doesn’t think she can forgive him. We are at Stevie and Mimi’s artist’s showcase and Stevie shows up uber drunk heckling and making rude comments.

Mimi is at a photo shoot for her book cover and Nikko storms in and lets her know that she owes him money and she should read the contract that she signed. She meets up later with Stevie and scolds him for his behavior at the showcase. She asks what we are all wondering “Where is Joseline?” and he says she is getting herself together. She mentions her issues with Nikko and Stevie says he will handle it as noone should take money from his daughter. They meet up in a parking lot? in the dark? Episode ends with what might have been the beginning of a fight?

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