Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Season 4 Episode 10

Joc is sleeping on a couch we find out is Rasheeda and Kirk’s.  Rasheeda tells Joc that he is overstaying his welcome and why isn’t he home. Joc tells her what is going on with him and Khadiya and how he went to Sina when she kicked him out.  Rasheeda tells him that he needs to shut things down with Sina; otherwise he would never have a peaceful relationship. She also adds that he only does it because the ladies allow him to do it and if they didn’t he would be faithful real quick. Rasheeda tells him that she has to meet with Kadiyah to find space for her store and she doesn’t want it to be weird. Joc tells her to put in a good word for him and tell her how heartbroken he is. The sooner she does it the faster he will be off her couch.

Jessica Dime Piece whatever is meeting with Dawn to see what the next step will be for her move to Atlanta. Jessica is still stuck on keeping her promises to Mimi and Dawn is making her promises of $7500 a week. Mimi goes over to Ariane’s place to smooth things over and to let her know she loves her. Mimi says she owes Ariane an explanation and will try her best to answer any question and be honest. Ariane asks her what she specifically lied about. Mimi says the whole Bahamas thing and she felt she couldn’t trust Ariane because she is judgmental AF.  Ariane starts tearing up and tells her not to shut her out again. Mimi brings up Margeaux, that it bothers her that she still believes Nicko. Mimi makes a good point and says the same way she stuck up for her, the same way she is sticking to the man she has loved for many years.

Kalenna is moving on and is meeting with Deb and letting her know her conundrum. She admits she might be jealous and needs a manager. The first thing Deb asks is if she has talked to her husband. Kalenna says it’s past that that he said that he doesn’t want to be her manager. She agrees to be her manager if she gets an officially signed letter. Deb asks why Tony can’t just be her husband? Kalenna starts crying and seems really torn.

Karlie Redd and Jessica Dime are in a pool? She wanted to get Karlie’s take since she was the one who introduced her to Mimi. Karlie has no allegiance and quickly mentions how about Dawn. Dime says she thinks that something is preventing Mimi from introducing her to Stevie and she thinks it has to do with Joseline. Karlie tells Dime that Joseline says they shared lockers but they weren’t friends and Dime spills major tea of how Joseline pays top dollar to “trick” Dime which means to touch, play and she “drank from the fountain of dime”. Karlie is in heaven with all this tea. Dime continues and says Stevie was there and wasn’t allowed to touch and when Joseline went to the bathroom, Stevie was saying dirty things to her etc. Dime ends by saying if she finds out Joseline is messing with her money it won’t be pretty.

KD and Rasheeda are looking at spaces and she mentions that Joc is in her house. Rasheeda sticks to the script and puts in a good word for him. KD says that she respects Rasheeda and will listen to Joc but cannot forget anything Joc has done but she loves him. Mimi comes by and says she feels like something is up. Ariane has invited Margeaux over for them to talk things over. Margeaux also, did not have an idea Mimi was around and was confused. Margeaux starts talking and it went downhill quickly as Margeaux wasn’t here for this. For once, Mimi was calm and Margeaux was really upset that Mimi doesn’t value herself and thinks basic.

KD and Joc meet and Joc gives her a gift. It’s handcuffs. He tells her she can handcuff him at night so he doesn’t go anywhere. She handcuffs him in the restaurant and asks him where he was staying before Rasheeda’s, he says Sina. She asks did you have sex with her? He says she probably doesn’t want to hear the answer to this. She pours a glass of iced water on him. He tells her that he wants to come back home and surprisingly KD says no. That she is mentally and emotionally exhausted and she wants him to show her he loves her.

Joseline and Karlie meet up and Karlie brings up Dime or Dime-Penny as Joseline calls her and basically tells her every personal detail Dime shared. Joseline doesn’t bat an eyelid and in her usual fashion she claims it and doesn’t deny that they had a sexual relationship. She says Dime is her bitch and everyone pays her for sex and she is just a trick. She says if she wants her she can find her in the studio.  Kalenna goes to Tony to get him to sign a release form. Tony says he just wants them to be husband and wife but he didn’t expect her to go find a new manager so quick and not Deb. He agrees to sign it and Kalenna snatches it back and says she can’t believe he is about to sign it. Tony wonders if that isn’t what she wanted. She says she thought he would stall and they’d talk about it but Tony says he doesn’t have time for games. He signs it but Kalenna is very upset and storms out.

Joseline and Stevie are in the studio working on yet another track that will never see light of day. Dime walks in and Stevie says that he has a foggy memory of one night but he guesses it wasn’t so memorable since he doesn’t remember. Stevie walks away and says he will leave them to handle it. She walks in and Joseline with no fear says “Wassup, I heard you were looking for me” and reaches to take a sip from the straw in her drink.

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