Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Season 4 Episode 11


We pick up with Dime at the studio with Joseline and Dime insists on calling her Shanelica. She keeps insisting that they were friends who hung out and Joseline sticks to her story that she is her bitch and sprays money on her and tells her to pick it up. Joseline throws her drink in Dime’s face and I wish I could tell you what she was saying but I couldn’t pick up what she was screaming at Joseline.

Kirk and this annoying Ashley Nicole are meeting up because she has a show. Rasheeda and Erica come to the show together and Rasheeda says she will give her a chance to see if she can make money for them. Erica plants a seed and asks if she thinks anything is going on between Kirk and Ashley Nicole. Ashley takes the mic but is lip-syncing as Erica points out. Ashley was proud of her performance as she comes down and asks Rasheeda what she thinks. Rasheeda says she doesn’t want to be mean, so she says she wants to give her some pointers and Erica says that she couldn’t get past the outfit and Kirk picked it. Ashley runs her mouth again and says messing around with Kirk he doesn’t know what he’s doing sometimes and she needs female input. Erica says she doesn’t understand why she is letting Ashley pop off and let her run her mouth. Ashley tells Rasheeda that she hopes Kirk told her but they are going on another promo tour.

Joseline stomps to her car and tells Stevie what happened. He tells her they have better things to do that Puffy called him back to make hits and they have been asked to do a romantic movie together – That Time of the Month – yes guys. That was the title. He tells her they will get on a plane and go to LA and you know that makes Joseline happy. She tells him that they can find sexy hunnies in LA. Rasheeda goes to talk to Kirk and asks about the promo tour and Kirk insists its business and Rasheeda tells him to make sure he doesn’t make her look crazy.

Dime is whining yet again about doing nothing and is at a sorry looking open mic performance. Margeaux and Karlie stop by. Margeaux says that she is a singer and Karlie subtly instigates and says how she felt they should meet since they have the common denominator of Mimi. Dime says she is done with Mimi once her contract is done. Karlie asks straight out how it went and Dime embellishes the story. She shares her having sex with Joseline which I don’t know why she keeps repeating since Joseline isn’t denying it. She gets on the mic and gets Margeaux on the stage to sing and she actually does a good job.

Dime reached out to Mimi saying she wanted to talk. She tells her about her displeasure at how she has handled her business wise. Mimi tells her about her personal issues and Dime says she doesn’t care and asks if Joseline is the reason why. Once again Dime brings up Joseline and says she rolled up on her. She tells her that Dawn made her promises. Dime decides to give Mimi a second chance. Joseline and Stevie arrive at their business meeting and sign the papers for their movie. I dunno…how can this be real?

Erica says she wants to talk to Rasheeda and takes her to the house they were building. Erica says she doesn’t like getting into folks business and then decides to get in and asks Rasheeda why she didn’t go on the tour too, basically instigating. Rasheeda asks her if she thinks she should be worried and Erica says “hell yeah”.

Mimi says she decides to confront Dawn for trying to steal her client, Dime. Dawn flat out tells her that she is not doing anything for Dime and she didn’t sign any paper work so she has no claim. She tells her that she has the brain the size of a pea and she cannot even manage her life talk less of an artist. Mimi tells her that she can have her after 3 months but for now to stay away. As Dawn walks away she tells her she needs a waist trainer.

Rasheeda is paranoid and calls Kirk late at night hoping Kirk isn’t stupid enough to cheat on her again. Ashley picks up the phone all giggly. She picks up Erica and they head to the hotel where Kirk and Ashley are. She gets the room number. She bangs on the door. We hear Ashley giggle and we get shots of her in lingerie. The end.

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