Love and Hip Hop Hollywood: Season 2 Episode 1

We return for the second season with Moniece, Apryl and Teairra Mari on the beach being served champagne by a 6-packed man. They goad Moniece into telling them who she is dating and she says that she is seeing someone but he will remain nameless till he comes into town but she is in love (We know it is Rich from LHHNY). Teairra tells them that she is not with Ray anymore and Moniece asks what happened with Ray and Princess in a fight and landing in jail. Teairra tells them that she doesn’t know what happened but karma is a bitch. Apryl tells them that she is having a pamper party and informs Teairra that she invited Princess. She retaliates and tells her that she should tell “the bitch to stay in her lane”

Hazel continues her delusion and tells us that she is back doing what she does best “make music and looking good” (two things she fails at). Anyways, she tells us she is not doing well as she just got back from her grandfather’s funeral. She is meeting with Milan – an alleged hot producer who is a good friend to her and he was one of the first people to reach out to her when he passed. She also said that interestingly Teairra reached out to her and she thought it was big of her to do so and lets her know she still has a heart. She asks Milan wassup with bae. He says he is fully fledged in love and wants to know where they are as he is ready to be married and have kids, so he will have to have a talk.

Ray J is telling us how business is popping and he is back but his personal life is a mess (what else is new). Princess tells us how she caught him trying to have sex with strippers and they got into a fight and she ended up in jail because she took the rap for him seeing as he was on probation. Princess says that he sold a false story to TMZ also. Ray tells us he misses her and wants to make up and goes to meet her where she is hiding out. They begin to argue and Princess continues to accuse him of being a cheater. Ray does his move and gets on his knees saying he is sorry as Princess starts to cry but she doesn’t budge and says she isn’t coming back home.

The lovely Omarion is performing on a dodgy looking stage with audience that seem like they were paid. Apryl is in the audience and goes to meet Nikki at the bar. Nikki informs us that she is single and working on her lingerie line and Apryl says she needs some lingerie because her and Omarion’s sex life is suffering. Nikki advises her to go meet him at work.  Moniece gushes about her long distance relationship and how she is so in love with him and how they are making it work, it is finally revealed that Rich Dollaz is the man in question. Rich himself sounds convincingly in love but we know that nothing is ever peaceful on these shows.

The apology tour continues and Ray and Princess are on some boat with Ray saying he has some addiction that comes with after parties – boy, if you don’t gtfoh. Princess tells him that he should get rid of his apartment because it is more of a bachelor pad. But, he agrees and says he will get rid of this apartment and he needs to grow up and Princess is cheesing and easy peezy agrees to move back home. Apryl shows up at Omarion’s rehearsal in a trench coat and stockings. She grabs a chair and tells Omarion to have a seat and reveals her lingerie.

We are introduced to a new character, Amber who again believes her own hype and is her own #1 fan. She is “rapping” with a rapper, Miles and we find out that they were high school sweethearts but are just friends now. Amber is wondering why they aren’t together and why she doesn’t have a picket fence. He says that he is looking for what to do with his career as he is not signed yet and he tells us that he is pushing her away for a reason that he is not ready to reveal. Apryl’s pamper party is here and she tells Princess that she invited Teairra and she is okay with it. Apryl reminds her that she needs to be on her best behavior. Princess comes over and says hi to Teairra and they start a decent conversation. Teairra brings up the stories in the press and Princess tells her that it is not true and Teairra believes her because she says she has been through it and confirms that Ray does feed the media stories. Teairra speaks to her and tells her that she deserves more and she needs to be happy and she was actually sweet about it and gives her a hug when she teared up.

Milan says that his personal life is shaky because the person he is in love with needs to get their shit together as he keeps on giving and giving and never gets anything back. The big reveal is revealed when we see Milan give Miles a kiss in bed and there is the first gay characters introduced to the LHH franchise. Miles tells us that he has not told anyone about Milan and he is the first man that he is in love with and will probably be the last. He says his family doesn’t know but Milan is worried about this and says he needs someone who can take him out to the movies. Miles says he is not ready and doesn’t know when he will be ready for it. Miles tells him if he doesn’t know then maybe they should wrap the relationship up.

Ray “the fuckboy”J decides he needs to have a sendoff for his apartment. While Princess thinks he is in the studio, she gets a text from her girl asking if she was rolling through the party. Princess walks in on Ray J making it rain on someone’s ass and she throws some liquid at Ray and security has to separate her. Ray tells her that this was a finale and then he gets turnt and tells her that she wants to know who he is then this is who he is. She tells him that he can be by himself and he needs to change his socks because his socks are dirty and one of the strippers says “Your feet are crusty, bitch” and this babe gets a running start and jumps to clock her but is held back by security. The stripper/attendee is separated too and is so mad she kicks a hole in Ray’s wall.

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