The Mindy Project Recap: Season 3 Episode 4

Dindy, or Manny for you people who refuse to accept it, have been through a lot in the last three episodes, but they keep on trucking. In the fourth episode, Mindy is amazed at how fantastic a boyfriend Danny is. He surprises her with gifts and apple pie, and my favorite, a nose hair trimmer. The surprises were delightful, until  he surprises her in bed. You hear Danny exclaim “I slipped.”

At the office the next day, Peter and Jeremy are clearly still not on good terms, and everyone else is on Peter’s side. Because of it, both of them didn’t show up for Morgan’s nurse practitioner graduation; which Morgan was sad about.

Mindy tries to talk to Peter about the slipping incident without letting him know it was about her and Danny, but he sees right through her immediately. And he explains to her that Danny was clearly lying about “slipping.” So Mindy asks Danny to swear to god that he wasn’t lying. Being a devout Catholic, Danny can’t swear, and he confesses that it wasn’t an accident. He blamed it on his diminishing eyesight.

Concerned, Mindy forces a colleague to check out Danny’s eyesight. The optometrist doesn’t find anything wrong with his eyesight, and Danny finally admits that he did it on purpose; he assumed Mindy had done it before because she’s had so many boyfriends. If you haven’t realized what “it” is by now, than stay innocent, no need to dirty your clean mind.

Stricken by Danny’s comment, Mindy confides in Peter, letting him know that she is actually a prude despite “slaying a lot of dudes.” As her work husband, Peter offers to teach Mindy some tricks he learned from the internet. He does so by utilizing a skeleton, putting it in different positions  like “the necktie,” “ascot,” and “bagpipes.” It is too much for her, so she decides to go to fifth base with Danny.

Although she decided to step away from her prude side, Mindy still need some chemical help to go through with it. She goes to Morgan to prescribe her some medicine since he is now a nurse practitioner and can do that. A little hurt that Mindy is using him, he reluctantly gives in and prescribes her “a very strong sedative.”

Mindy tries to dress sexy, drink Scotch, and listen to blues to make Danny happy. He realizes something is up, and tells her she doesn’t need to do anything special; that they don’t need fireworks. Making it worse, he says their relationship is like an old shoe, “something Beverly would wear.” She should have slapped him.

Meanwhile, Morgan tries to Parent Trap Jeremy and Peter by inviting them both to dinner without letting them know. It ends in Jeremy accidentally setting Peter’s face on fire. He already stole his woman, this was just insult to injury.

While Peter was turning into a baked Alaska, Mindy texts Morgan to complain that sedative wasn’t working. Two seconds later she starts feeling it, and then she starts tripping balls. She ends up in the hospital, and they think Danny tried to roofie her.

Morgan, Jeremy, and Peter show up at the hospital. Morgan calls Peter and Jeremy “basics” for still feuding. Really? I’m sure the writers got that from a younger sibling, child, or just saw it on Twitter and looked it up.

Mindy and Danny come to an agreement that if Danny wants to try new things, he just needs to asks first. So they have their “first consensual adventure.” Mindy is tied up and Danny sprays whip cream in her mouth. She bites his tongue cause the whip cream tastes so good, then she bites his hand because there was some there too.  Would have been a good time for him to say “pineapples.”



Written by Comely Wordsmith



*image from Google Images

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