My Guilty Pleasure – Are You The One

Are You The One is a reality matchmaking show with a twist.

The show has 10 single men and 10 single women who have issues being and staying in a relationship. After going through alleged rigorous compatibility tests by psychologists and matchmakers and also interviews with the contestants and their family and friends, they are sent to a house in Hawaii with the goal of finding their “perfect match” as determined by the powers that be.

Okay, lean in closer so you can understand this.

During the day, the contestants go through challenges that are rotated between both sexes. The top 3 winners get to choose who they want to go on a date with. The losing contestants who stay home, have to vote in one of the 3 couples (who went on a date) and send them to the “Truth Booth”

What is the Truth Booth, you ask? It’s just a room that tells them whether the couple is a match or not. This is important because every night they get to go up to the Match Ups where their host – Ryan Devlin asks each of them to sync up with whoever they think their match is. For each match, the group gets right they get a beam but they aren’t told which of the matches was wrong or right.

Are you still with me?

Oh yea, I forgot to mention that by the end of the season if they get all 10 beams, they get a million dollars. They introduced a twist this season where for every night they have 0 matches, $250,000 will be deducted from their total loot.

This sounds more tedious than it really is. I like this show because it’s just funny to watch young americans and how they view dating and how hormones and lust always wins. This season (season 3) has to be the best so far to me because they are so immature. People are lusting and hooking up and even though they know they aren’t matches, they still continue to hook up, forgetting they could win money and also have love at the same time. Oh oops “love” (although to be fair, a couple from previous season made it work and even had a baby together)

I know only one other person that watches this show, so if you do decide to check it out let me know what you think. Are You The One airs Wednesday at 10/9c on MTV.

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