My Thoughts On #StayClose

Stay Close is a British Mystery drama that is centered around Megan (Cush Jumbo) who is a suburban mom  and is set to marry her long time partner and father to her three kids until her past catches up to her. The more she tries to keep her past away from her future, the more it unravels and she puts herself and her loved ones closer and closer to danger.

After watching this series, I tweeted that no matter what you watch this year, you will not find a show more chaotic than this one because what in the hell was this? To watch this show, you have to brace yourself and protect yourself from whiplash, as the twists and turns are plentiful and give you know time to catch your breath.

There are so many players in this game and every single player has a prominent stake in the storyline. A bunch of times I raised my eyebrows so high because it was so unbelievable. The show is based on a book by Harlan Coben so I can’t even blame the writers completely as I don’t know how much adaptation was done. By the way, Harlan Coben has a 5 year Netflix deal where 14 of his novels will be made into Netflix series. Some of the other shows are Safe (a better watch), The Stranger, The Woods.

Watch at your own risk. If you are looking for an acid trip of a show that breezes by in 8 episodes, this is your show but I have to let you know that I fell asleep every time I watched. Make of that what you will.

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