My thoughts on the Golden Globe Nominations

As you may well know, award season is my season. Award season makes me giddy from predictions to nominations to the actual awards. Today was nomination day for my favorite award show. I like the Golden Globes because it just seems fun. They serve them dinner and drinks and they sit in round tables and the crowd just seems loser and not as stuffy as the Oscars (which might actually be my least favorite). One of my biggest gripes with award show nominations is how there’s some sort of group herd mentality. Like the critics/actors come together and decide on the select few they will nominate and we see the same names every single time. Granted some are deserving but more than that they overlook more deserving people. As I was saying, the GGs are different because they are made up of the Hollywood Foreign Press who seem to march according to the beat of their own drum. You never know what to expect with them, they are kind to new shows or the willneverconsiderthem (eg Keri Russell won for Felicity) regular award show don’t even glance at the CW. Granted shows like The Wire or Friday Night Lights were never recognized by them but they are better than the rest. I also like that its a TV and Movie combination. Here are a few thoughts on nominations.

Let me know if you have favorites or any GG thoughts you might have. I’d love to hear it!

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