My Thoughts On #TheCircle Season 2

I have spoken about my love for this show before here (read to understand how the show works). By all accounts, this show should annoy me but for the life of me, I fell in love with it. I loved it so much, I even watched the Brazilian and French versions and loved those ones as well. The season 2 finale streamed yesterday and I was reminded how enjoyable this show is.

Of course there are a few changes because you know, when there is a good thing, Hollywood can’t help but tweak it. But not all the tweaks were bad. The show nailed its casting again this season but one thing they did better was unlike season 1, the participants weren’t type cast – the gay one, the loud one, the tom boy etc. They let the participants just be and thank God because they got a good group of people.

That’s not to say there were not some wonky people because we had someone posing as Lance Bass which only worked because some of the contestants don’t know who he is?-____-. I am not sure how I felt about some of the new tweaks such as the Joker, including someone who had previously been on another Netflix reality show (Too Hot To Handle) or giving a second chance to some contestants.

This year there were fewer contestants but again I think it was because of Covid restrictions. My biggest gripe about this season was the finale. It felt rushed and I was looking forward to watching clips and packages of the contestants but for some reason, there were NONE! I have no idea why that was the decision made but it was a huge miss.

Unlike last year, the person I wanted (and the most deserving) won and it was such a nice cap to the season. I kept wondering to myself, if someone wanted to start watching the show would I recommend they start with Season 1 or Season 2? I’d probably say Season 2 because it felt shorter, had less people and went by faster but it gives you the general gist of the show. If you love it, then you have Season 1 to go savor.

Fun Fact: The winner of this season found out they were pregnant right before filming started.

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