Parenthood Recap: Season 6 Episode 3

The third episode focuses on Zeek and his surgery. There’s also Amber’s internal struggles of telling her ex-boyfriend he’s now a baby daddy and Sarah dealing with Hank’s daughter.

Amber: Everyone now knows about Amber’s pregnancy (thanks to Zeek) and with the help of his advice the next step is to tell Ryan. So she decides to tell him face-to-face…in Wyoming. But she needs a car for that. Drew to the rescue! But she wasn’t expecting Drew to go with her on this 18hr+ road trip, either. Too bad Ryan and his house was in a bad state. Drew definitely didn’t hide his disapproval of what he was seeing. Amber, wasting no time, tells Ryan that she’s pregnant. Much to Amber’s shock, Ryan is happy. Excited, even. He wants to be there for the baby; for both of them.

Amber tells Drew that she decided to chill in Wyoming for a bit. Drew was all like nuh-uh. The main reason why he invited himself on this road trip is because he knew Amber would pull a stunt off like this. Amber explains that she just wants to spend time with Ryan and help him and blah blah blah. Drew tells his sister that she’s been trying to help him since they met. But no marriage nor a baby is going to change Ryan. Ryan needs to change on his own terms. Also, Drew threw out the ‘He’s just like our father!’ card. That totally brought Amber back down to earth.

Amber breaks it to Ryan that she would make sure he’s a part of their baby’s life. But she has to do this alone while he has to work on himself. For Ryan is just not ready to handle this big of a change.

Julia and Joel: Not only is Julia dealing with her father’s surgery but she’s also dealing with a man who’s been pinning for her since college years, finally got the girl, and definitely ain’t trying to let this one go. Then she’s dealing with Joel, who’s clearly trying to maneuver his way back into her life. In the waiting room, she tells Sarah that she thinks her boyfriend is falling in love with her. Moments later, an assistant comes into the room to drop work off from her co-worker-slash-boyfriend, apologizing for the timing. Dumbfounded that he would do such a thing, Julia opens the large briefcase to reveal a note from the co-worker-slash-boyfriend. The ‘work’ was actually a care package. Clearly this move won over Julia as she whispers to Sarah that she really likes her boyfriend. Adam, sitting a couple chairs away, overhears Julia’s confession. He gives a faint smile, a slight eye-roll, and shook his head. Tell us how you really feel about this, Adam!

Also, Julia tells Joel that she’s seeing someone. Now THAT broke Joel.

Adam and Crosby: The brothers are handling Zeek’s surgery in different ways. Crosby acknowledges what is happening but is trying very hard not to let it damper his mood. Adam, on the other hand, acknowledges what is happening and is preparing for the worst. So Adam wasn’t really fond of Crosby thoroughly enjoying himself as he was watching a baseball game on his phone. And also Adam wasn’t happy, when confronted with a studio problem, Crosby chose not to handle it because he felt Zeek’s surgery mattered more. Adam blows up completely, calling Crosby incompetent. Crosby calls Adam a dick/prick and leaves. For reasons I truly do not understand, Crosby hops on his motorcycle and begins to do Fast and Furious moves on the winding California road. I was waiting for a huge tractor trailer to come and hit dude head on. But, alas, what we got instead was Crosby losing control of his motorcycle. He suffers an injury that he decides to keep on the hush-hush. Such a weird sequence.

Sarah and Hank: Sarah witnesses a petty crime involving Ruby and a tube of lip gloss. Sarah tells Hank what she saw and Hank cannot believe that his Ruby would do such a thing. Hank tells Sandy about their daughter’s new hobby. Only problem is that Sandy already is well informed about Ruby’s new hobby. Sandy is a bitch. Point-blank. From what I remembered, Hank left Sarah to move back to Minnesota to try to forge a relationship with his teenage daughter. He moved backed to Cali because it didn’t work out the way he wanted, mainly because of Sandy. Now, Sandy moves both of them to Cali only because SHE has no idea how to handle her daughter. But, oh no, she uses the “SHE NEEDS HER FATHER!” on Hank. Bitch, please. Hank is really trying here but Sandy pretends what he’s doing it not enough. And also she tells him that his girlfriend can’t stay at his place while the daughter is there. Hank just wants everything to work out and please the ladies in his life, so he agrees.

Zeek and Camille: Slowly but surely, Zeek finally begins to crack and show that, indeed, he is scared of his open heart surgery. Granted, he still puts up a brave front around his kids. But around Camille, it showed. It was nice to also see how strong Camille was handling the situation, too. In front of the hospital staff, to her kids, even to Zeek. But once Zeek was rolled into the surgical room, after telling her “I’m scared, Millie”, Camille let the strong façade disappear and broke down in tears. But just as quickly as the tears fell down her face, she soon recovered. She regained her composure, let out a small sigh, and headed back to her family.

Julia manages to get Camille to talk. I like their relationship. A lot. Julia is as stubborn as Zeek but she’s definitely has more of Camille’s characteristics. Camille spoke a lot of truth regarding going through trials and tribulations with her husband. She knew that “In sickness and health. Till death do us part” would eventually come but it came a lot sooner than she hoped. She wasn’t ready.

Hours later, the surgeon appears to tell them the good news – Zeek’s surgery went well. It was hard to see this strong, rough, man’s man of a Zeek strapped onto a bed with multiple wires running through him. It showed on his family member’s faces, as well. They were all probably thinking the same thing, too: This surgery will definitely change Zeek’s personality. For the long run or for a short period of time? That’s the story.


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