Parenthood: Season 6 Episode 4

Zeek prepares for life after his crucial open-heart surgery. Max got a new friend. Julia and Joel tries to contain their monster, Sydney, while figuring out their relationship. Crosby deals with Oliver. And Hank finally tells Sandy about Sarah.

Hank and Sarah:  Hank is dozing next to his girlfriend on his bed completely forgetting that Ruby is getting dropped off by Sandy this morning.  I’m sure Sandy’s stern words of “Don’t let this lady be at the house when Ruby is here” were going through Hank’s head as he quickly tried to get dressed. He tells a sleepy Sarah that it’s the housekeeper at the door. He goes to greet them and while talking, Sarah comes out of the bedroom wearing only Hank’s pj top. Ruby finds this amusing. Sandy is annoyed. Sarah is all confused.

Sandy stops by Hank’s office. She was there to see Hank but got Sarah instead. Sandy uses the opportunity to tell Sarah that she’s interfering with Hank’s relationship with Ruby.  Basically telling her to just stay in her lane and continue to be Hank’s worker and fling.

Sarah asks Hank why he’s yet to tell Sandy about them.  She recaps her conversation with Sandy. Hank says that when he tries to talk, Sandy just interrupts him. He never gets to speak because he becomes overwhelmed.  But he knows it’s time to man the eff up. He meets with Sandy. Even before Sandy sits down, she’s already yapping. Hank quickly tells her to chill, that he has something to say. Sandy was taken aback by this new Hank, but she lets him talk. Hank explains to Sandy that Sarah is the real deal; his girlfriend. And since this was the case, he would like his girlfriend to also be a part of Ruby’s life. Sandy said that was fine with her. She had no idea it was that serious between Hank and Sarah but now that Hank has cleared the air, she’s okay with it.

Crosby: Crosby goes to the retreat to try to get Oliver back to his band and to the studio. But Oliver has already signed as a solo artist with a record label. He’s going to release new music through the new label and not with the Luncheonette. Crosby is heated. If Oliver goes through with this, the Lucheonette will not get any money because Oliver didn’t sign a contract with them as a solo artist (a situation that Crosby blames Adam for). Crosby gets back home, parks the minivan he didn’t want to drive to the retreat (Jasmine made him do so) and hops on his motorcycle for a ride around town. The noise wakes Jasmine up from her sleep and she rushes outside, screaming Crosby’s name. But homeboy was lights out gone. Also, it should be noted that Crosby still hasn’t checked his injury/bruise out.

Julie and Joel:  The separated couple takes Sydney to apologize to the girl that she bullies at school. Sydney gives a half-assed apology.  Joel and Julie plus the victim’s parents are shocked. Julia tries to get Sydney to try again with her apology, but the monster had enough.  She stomps back to the car leaving the set of parents and the victim looking at each other.  The father tells her daughter to go upstairs. As soon as she disappears, the victim’s mother lays it to Julie and Joel telling them that Sydney is out of control.

Julia takes this to heart. Later she tells Joel that they have to put a label onto whatever their situation is. Not knowing is taking a toll on their children. Julia is considering telling the kids that their parents are not getting back together. But as she looks at Joel her eyes are telling a different story. Julia is considering a divorce.  Joel is heartbroken.

While eating dinner with the kids, Joel stops by to drop off some of their belongings. Victor asks if Joel is staying for dinner but Joel isn’t. Sydney asks when is he really staying…for good? An awkward silence fills the air. Sydney is about to rage when Julia gets a hold of her. She tells her daughter that she doesn’t like uncertainty, either. But she and Joel are going to figure things out so while they do so she just has to be patient. She tells Sydney that if she’s angry with her, she has every right to be. But just be patient. Joel is relieved that Julia didn’t drop the ‘divorce’ card. Maybe there’s still hope for him after all.

Max: There’s a new girl at the Chambers Academy and she immediately takes Max as a companion. Kristina is not feeling the new girl because she’s a bit of a rebel. She goes by her own rules and thoughts and is filling Max in with his own views, views that don’t vibe well with Kristina. Adam tells Kristina to let Max handle his new friend. But Kristina wants to put a kibosh on the relationship. Adam decides to have a father-son talk with Max. But Max surprises him by asking what to do when you like a girl. Adam goes through a wave of emotions but finally rests on happy. Adam is happy that Max likes someone.

Zeek: Zeek is back home, dealing with his recovery stage. He’s taking it easy, a little too easy. He doesn’t do anything but stay on the couch and watch TV. He doesn’t want help and since he needs help to get up to use the rest room or to get a drink, then he just stays on the couch in his new ‘suite’ (their living room has been converted to a bedroom to suit Zeek) to avoid doing so. This does not please Camille and she complains to Adam that she doesn’t know what to do. Kristina overhears the conversation. So the next day, she makes a visit to Zeek.

Kristina gently tells her father-in-law that she understands what he’s going through. Yeah, they both went through different health journeys, but the she was at the point where Zeek is at right now. She understands his frustrations and she’s sure he’s tired of everyone acting like their going through his situation together. The “we will do this…” and “we will do that…” We. Zeek knows this all too well because he is dealing with it with Camille. Kristina just tells him to work on himself because he’s got a family that wants to him get better.

Zeek heeds Kristina’s advice and they both go for a walk around the neighborhood. Camille is delighted to see Zeek back on his feet because for a brief moment, she was worried she won’t get her old Zeek back. She probably, won’t, honestly. But this is progress.



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