Parenthood: Season 6 Episode 6

Parenthood jumping on the flash-forward train and transporting its viewers to 3 months later. Makes sense given that the last season only has 12 episodes and we’re 6 episodes in. Wow. Typing that sentence made me realize that one of my favorite shows of all time is about to be over. Finite. Done. Give me a moment to recover….


And I’m back. Let’s begin this recap.

Amber and Drew: When a baby store associate mistakes you and your brother as a couple, then you know the jig is up. Drew is trying to be the ‘man’ in Amber’s life. And considering that their father is out somewhere still trying to make it as a musician and Amber’s baby daddy is trying to get his shit together…it makes sense why Drew wants to provide for Amber. And Amber really needs a male figure in her life. Hence their close relationship. However, Drew may be taking a bit too much of a responsibility. So in that regard, I do side with his girlfriend (for the life of me, I stay forgetting her name) and her advice for Drew to think about himself and his future. This comes into play because junior year is approaching and he has to pick a major. His girlfriend pegged him as an artistic fellow but Drew, because of Amber’s situation, is gunning more towards Economics because getting paid may be the quicker route. He goes to get advice from Adam who is now on the ‘Do something you love and follow your dreams’ train.  Crosby hears his brother’s advice and tells Drew that, no. The right advice is to learn how to make money NOW. He finishes it off with “Greed is good”. Drew’s in a limbo. He’s about to be the only one in his family to graduate from college. So, that means he has to provide for Amber and her baby, right? His girlfriend doesn’t agree.

Max and Dylan: Max is relying on the internet to get Dylan’s ranking of him to increase (he’s currently a 2.5 on the “How much do you like me?” scale. 5 is the ultimate goal). But action speaks louder than words because Dylan has been spending a lot of time at Max’s house. Max begins to notice this, too, mistaking Dylan being over to ‘dates’ and asks her to spend the night. Kristina thinks that’s not a good idea. Max’s says she’s his friend and friends have sleepover so why can’t he. With the approval of Dylan’s parents (via text), the sleepover is granted.

Kristina is a bit apprehensive. She’s starting to notice that Dylan is spending more time with her and Max’s little sister, Nora. Kristina voices her worries to Adam who insists that Dylan truly likes Max.

But soon we find out that maybe the main reason why she’s always over Max’s place is because her parents are hardly ever home. Kristina came to this conclusion after confronting Dylan about the fact that she tried to reach her parents but didn’t get response. Dylan tells her that her parents around out of town for a meeting. Kristina then tells Dylan that Max really likes her and she wants to be sure that Dylan likes their friendship, too, and not just hanging out with her and Nora. Dylan states that yeah Max can be fun but he can also be boring at times. So during those boring moments she wants to spend it with Kristina. Dylan decides to stay at home insisting she’s fine staying by herself. Kristina was not for that and tells her she’s more than welcome spending the night again.

Hank and Ruby: Ruby storms into her dad’s office complaining about her Mom. She wants to stay with Hank for the night. Hank is touched by this and immediately agrees. But it seems Ruby had another reason for wanting to stay at Hank’s. She innocently asks Hank if she can attend a get-together at her friend’s place which is happening tomorrow night. Sarah, clearly seeing through the bs, tries to signal to Hank to say ‘no’. She demonstrates, with hand motions, that there’s definitely going to be smoking and drinking at this get-together. Hank gets the message and tells Ruby that maybe she shouldn’t go; that he’ll call her Mom to get her take. Ruby’s happy demeanor goes sour and it didn’t help that when she turned around she saw Sarah in the middle of making another hand motion – this time giving Hank the thumbs up sign.

Sarah convinces Hank to have a game night. She invites Amber, too. But game night was a disaster mainly because during charades Hank forgets that Ruby is allergic to peanuts. She flares up at Hank and declares that game night sucks. Hours later Ruby stumbles into the apartment clearly drunk or high or both. The slight raucous stirs Amber, who got the couch for the night, from her sleep. Amber asks Ruby where she’s coming from but she already knows. Ruby begs Amber not to tell Hank. Amber nurses a very inebriated Ruby and the following day gives Ruby a drink to tame the hangover. They have a heart to heart with Amber telling Ruby to cut her Dad some slack; he’s really trying. Also, she’s lucky that she has a father present in her life. Ruby had no idea about Amber’s lack of a father presence or the fact that Amber was once a wild child. Ruby takes Amber’s advice to consideration. She apologizes to Hank for her behavior at Game Night. She tells her father that she loves him with a huge hug. She also thanks Sarah for trying to get them together to have fun. Hank is in shock but appreciates the gesture. Sarah jokingly warns him that it’s not going to last.

Crosby: The Luncheonette is going down the drain. The brothers are trying really hard to get businesses but with no luck in sight. Then we have Amber telling her uncles that she loves working for them and believes she has a bigger role in the company and blah blah blah she wants a raise. I guess that trip to the baby store and seeing the prices for strollers and cribs put the fear of being broke into her heart. Talk about bad timing. The uncles are clearly overwhelmed by this request and tells Amber they will think about it. But there’s nothing to think about. They just don’t have the money to give Amber a raise. In fact, if not for Amber being their niece she would’ve been fired a long ass time ago (Amber, unfortunately, overhears this part while stopping by their office).

Jabbar’s birthday is near and all he wants on that day is to go to Dumbledore World…Gryffindor World…Hogwarts World…? Look, dude just wants to go to an amusement park based off Harry Potter and the crew. His parents tells him that it may not happen this year and they’ll go next year. Jabbar reminds his parents they gave a similar answer last year. Awkward silence ensues. Jasmine takes the lead to say, okay, they’ll think about it. Jabbar, being a kid, takes her comment as they’re definitely going. Crosby tells Jasmine he truly can’t afford this amusement park.

Jasmine actually researches a cheaper way to take the trip. She thinks it can all be done for under $2000 bucks. Crosby once again reminds Jasmine that they truly can’t afford the trip. He tells her that he may lose the studio. Jasmine is confused because she was made to believe that the studio was mixing an album. This turns out to be false. Every night that Crosby goes to ‘work’ is to hide and panic and to play Candy Crush. Jasmine is annoyed he didn’t tell her all of this but assures him that they’ll be fine because he’s all their family needs. Crosby is beyond worried. I’m worried for Crosby. I’ve been itching to type this but…what if it’s Crosby who dies at the end of this season? What if he…takes his own life? Due to stress or depression? Yeah, I know. Just a thought, though.

Anywho, the episode ends on a happy note because Jasmine drags Jabbar to the backyard to surprise him with his very own makeshift Dumbledore World!…Gryffindor World!…Hogwarts World!…?

Man, I tried.


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