Parenthood: Season 6 Episode 9

Max still doesn’t understand his boundaries. Sarah gets an unexpected surprise. Julia and Joel faces their biggest obstacle – divorce papers. Zeek plans something special for Camille.

Max: Dylan is paired with Max for a special presentation at Parents-Teachers Night. This is stressful because Max is still pestering her about their relationship or lack thereof. She asks Kristina to grant her a new partner. Kristina, who was in a middle of organizing some kind of play, hastily tells Dylan that she’ll be fine and she can handle him.

The night comes along. Kristina finally gets to meet Dylan’s parents. Over in the classroom, Max is writing on the chalkboard reasons why he’s better than whoever guy Dylan likes. Dylan begs Max to erase what’s on the board. This leads to him deciding that maybe he should start showing physical attraction. Maybe then Dylan will see her true feelings. Max forcefully grabs Dylan’s arms to bring her closer to him. Dylan is irate, screaming at the top of her lungs for Max to stop and that he’s harassing her. The parents with Kristina arrive just in time to see the whole exchange. Dylan turns to Kristina telling her that this is the reason why she asked to have a different partner. Dylan’s parents confront the principal asking her why 1) she hasn’t punished Max and 2) she didn’t inform them of the ongoing situation. Valid questions. Kristina tried to answer but it wasn’t good enough. Adam (Hey, Adam! Long time!) intervenes trying to calm the argument. It gets louder and a bit worse when Adam stated that none of this would be happening if Dylan’s parents weren’t always absent. They scoffed at the insult and blamed Kristina for only looking out for Max.

Kristina’s in her office when Dylan stops by. Her parents are thinking of switching Dylan to another school. Kristina tells her student that she’ll talk to her parents to explain but Dylan knows it won’t work because her parents never listen to anyone, not even their own daughter. They don’t understand that Chambers Academy has been the best thing in her life (I’m trying very hard to not roll my eyes). Kristina promises that she’s not going anywhere and she’ll talk to her parents. Meanwhile, Kristina and Adam have a talk with Max. They apologize for not fully explaining what happens when feelings occur. Max is bummed that Dylan said he was harassing her; he even defined what the word meant. He then asked if he was the reason why Dylan is being transferred.

The trio stops by Dylan’s house to apologize to her parents. Max wants to apologize to Dylan but only if she wants to meet him. If not, he’ll just apologize to the parents. Touched, Dylan’s dad goes to retrieve Dylan. When Dylan appears, Max apologizes to her. He states he’ll now respect her boundaries. The parents agreed to allow Dylan to stick it out at Chambers – they’ll revisit the transfer idea at the end of the school year.

Sarah and Hank: Ruby gets a chance to play Sandy in her school’s production of Grease. Hank calls Sandy so that Ruby can tell them the news. They discuss tickets purchase. Sarah is excited to see Ruby on stage. One problem: Hank forgot to tell Sandy to get a ticket for Sarah. Oops. But all is well, because they ended up at the play. Sarah gets quite the surprise when Mark appears on stage for introductions. Sandy notes that Mark is hot.

Sarah tries to back out of going to the 2nd showing but Hank refuses telling his girlfriend that he wants her there with him. He asks if this has anything to do with Mark. Sarah at first denies but explained that she felt uncomfortable and seeing him brought back memories. But since Hank wants her there, she’ll go. Outside of the school, Mark appears to tell Ruby’s parents and Sarah that Ruby won’t be in the 2nd showing of the play. The original Sandy is feeling much better. The parents go to look for Ruby, who is devastated. This leaves Mark and Sarah alone to catch up. Sarah tells him about Drew being in Berkley and Amber being pregnant with 6 weeks to go. Mark tells her that he, too, is expecting a baby. They are equally happy with each other. Sarah tells Mark that it was nice to have met him. He responded likewise.

Hank and Sarah get home with a slight tension in the air. Sarah asks if everything is okay. Hanks wants to know if this is the life she wants. If she felt her life would be simpler if she had chosen Mark. Before she could answer, Ruby storms into the house crying and barking at her Mom that she doesn’t understand what she’s going through. Sandy apologizes for bringing Ruby at his house because she didn’t know where else to go. Hank looks helplessly at Sarah. Finally alone, Sarah tells her boyfriend that she’s happy and that she wants to be here with him.

Julia and Joel: The divorce papers still haven’t been signed. Much to the dismay of Julia’s boyfriend, Chris. Julia tells him that she’s meeting up with Joel for lunch. It’s time for Joel to sign the divorce papers. At lunch, Joel purposely arranges to meet at their favorite restaurant where a lot of great memories happened between them. Julia knows the deal. She tries her best to talk about the papers but Joel has other plans. He starts off by telling her he’s been thinking about their life and how much they’ve accomplished. He doesn’t care what happened between her and Ed. He walked out without vowing to uphold going through good times and bad times with his wife. He loves her and has never stopped loving her. He vowed to make their marriage work as long as Julia’s still his wife. Overwhelmed with emotion, Julia leaves.

Chris corners Julia to ask about lunch. Julia said it went fine, the papers were not signed, and she doesn’t want to talk about it. Chris is slightly fed up. He’s been patient with Julia during this whole ordeal and he just wants to know where they stand. Julia thinks otherwise and believes Chris has been pressuring her. Chris was like fine, the pressures off. He walks out of the room with Julia calling after him.

Julia gets some advice from Camille about Joel. She’s confused as to why Joel wants to fight for their marriage now, at this very moment. Camille asks if she’s ever screwed up before. Julia said, yes, she has but the way Joel handled this particular screw up bothered her to the core. At their very instant of their first major conflict, Joel bailed out on her and their family. She saw that as a weak move. Marriage is all about forgiveness, Camille countered. But Julia doesn’t think she can forgive Joel.

Joel gets a knock on his door. He opens to find Julia who lets herself in. She heads straight to the couch, signs the divorce papers, and tells Joel to do the same. Joel asks if this is what she really wants. Julia responds by extending the pen towards his direction. Joel took the hint and sign the papers. Once done, they look at each other…and begin to make out.

Zeek: Zeek wants to plan an anniversary trip for himself and Camille. He enlists Drew to help him remember the B&B he stayed at in France when he was in the army. Drew is concerned that his grandfather wants to fly even though he hasn’t been given permission to fly. Camille is also concerned that Zeek and Drew are up to no good…for husband’s case. She gets a hold of Drew who caves and ask if Zeek is okay to fly. Camille said no and can’t believe he wants to take a trip by himself.

Back at Drew’s dorm (where their secret meetings been taking place), Zeek finally remembers the name of the B&B. Drew finds it online, and while Zeek is ready to pay, Drew becomes hesitant. He breaks the news that Camille knows about their meetings. She doesn’t know why but she does know that he’s planning to fly. Zeek is devastated and tells his grandson that he trusted him. And now he let him down.

The couple have a confrontation about the trip. Camille can’t believe that Zeek was planning to fly and, really, where was he off to anyway. Zeek informs Camille of his plans – the trip was for the both of them to celebrate their anniversary. But for Zeek maybe the last time they can actually take a trip together. Camille is stunned. The trip can still be on but they have to wait for the doctor to give the go ahead. Zeek tells her the name of the B&B and she finds it online. She gasps with excitement.

In bed, at 3:16am (because the camera panned to the clock so there must be some kind of significance), Zeek is awake in pain. With loud whispers, he calls out for Camille who finally gets up. He tells his wife to call the ambulance.

If Zeek is the one to go…I’ll be pissed.



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