Parenthood Series Finale Recap

Well it had to happen and today was the day. “May God Bless and Keep You Always”. The final episode of Parenthood.

The episode starts with a peek at each family except Crosby and Jasmine. Amber is back home (with a flat tummy no less) with her baby in her very messy apartment and is hanging out with her mom and grandma, with grandma saying she is going to have to move, right?. Adam is on the phone with a water company and obnoxious Max comes in yelling at him to hang up that he got a job taking photos for Hank and Sarah’s wedding. Joel, Julia and the kids are having dinner and when a call comes in, I tense up.  Especially as Joel asks if this is work and Julia has a look. He walks over and she tells him that it is Victor’s social worker asking to see them in person. Phew.

Hank goes to see Zeek and asks for his blessing to marry Sarah. Emotional moment as Zeek asks Hank to take care of his daughter and be there for her and Hank sweetly responds that it will be his honor to do that and he will never stop loving her. He also informs Zeek that he wants the wedding done this Saturday and Zeek asks what the rush is. *one heartbeat* and an already teary Zeek gets it and says “right”.

Jasmine and Crosby finally make an appearance and come visit Amber and Zeek jr. Amber makes a comment about bringing the baby to work and Crosby awkwardly tells Amber that the Luncheonette had been shut down. Amber gets all frantic and asks why? Crosby eventually says it’s because of Adam and hands her a check saying he wishes it were more.

Crosby visits an empty Luncheonette where he runs into Adam who hands him dissolution papers to sign. Crosby gets a bit upset and says doesn’t he have to read them first? He should just sign them? Crosby gets all curt with Adam as Adam apologizes and says they are brothers and have to get past it. Crosby isn’t budging.

Kristina and Max are touring the wedding site and they get into a tug of war conversation about what he will be wearing (gosh scenes with Max are tiring). Somehow the scene shifts to the Joel/Julia meeting with the counselor and tells them that Victor’s biological mom just gave birth to a girl that isn’t the same dad as Victor and wants to give her up for adoption (again?!) and she wanted to know if they would be interested. Joel and Julia are shocked. My first thought was bratty Sydney and how she would take this news. Oh boy.

Joel and Julia leave the counselor and discuss the issue. Julia says they cant throw a curve ball on the kids not now and decide to not get the kid then decide to think over the weekend. Hank and Drew are talking and he says he likes him even though they don’t talk much because Drew talks low and doesn’t talk much and asks him to be his best man. Adam is in the school kitchen having fun with the kids and Crosby walks in on him goofing off and hands him the dissolution papers with a smile.

Zeek and Sarah are hanging out on the porch and he asks Sarah if she knows that she’s his favorite and she should know it. He tells her that Hank asked for her hand and he was the only one who did that and not even Joel asked. He also tells her that he thinks Hank is the one. Sarah tells Zeek that she wouldn’t have met him if he never let her come home. It turns solemn and with tears in both their eyes Zeek asks Amber if he has been a good father and she replies “The very best”

It’s wedding day and Max is taking pictures – may I point out that Sarah is wearing Amal Clooney white gloves? Barf – The whole family is gathered and even Haddie is here (looking a lot like Kristina).  Max doesn’t even recognize Haddie is around and continues to click. Crosby and Zeek have a moment  and Crosby tells his dad that he can’t help focusing on the fact that Luncheonette is over. Zeek asks why? Crosby says well Adam is out and Zeek says “so?” he goes on to tell him that he believes he can do it on his own.

Haddie and the incorrigible Max have an awkward talk as Haddie asks to speak with him and gives him this speech of how it could have been easy to resent him for getting all the attention but she is better off for being his sister as he is weird and wonderful at the same time. Ends with a selfie. This is followed by a montage of different pictures being taken by the family. It’s a sweet moment. Especially as we get to see the whole cast in their entirety and see Zeek and his wife watch over them with Zeek proclaiming “We did good, didn’t we?”

It’s wedding time and Zeek walks Sarah down the aisle to a song I wish I knew the name but it was very emotional. It’s reception time and my eyes are graced with Kristina and Sarah convulsing but what they would call dancing. Crosby tells Jasmine that he is going to open the Luncheonette by himself. Max is taking pictures and takes pictures of Ruby-Hank’s daughter and her friend Lynn. Looks like Max is smitten.

Amber is on her own and is joined by Zeek and Camille and they break the news to Amber that they would like her to come live with them. Amber is shocked and says no that she couldn’t do that to them in their 3rd act. Camille assures her that they talked about it and they want her and the baby living with them to be their 3rd act. Crosby runs the idea of keeping the Luncheonette open by Adam and Adam tells him he thinks it’s a good idea. They hug it out. Crosby asks about his interview with the Water company and Adam doesn’t seem enthused but says any job that pays decent is a good job and Crosby says whatever it is I hope it makes you as happy as I saw you when you were teaching those kids.

Drew our sensitive guy gives a wedding speech acknowledging everyone and by the end everyone’s eyes are glistening with tears. Crosby asks Amber if she would like to be the new Crosby as he is going to be the new Adam. Joel and Julia are talking about the kid again and look at Victor and how far he has come. Joel says she is Victor’s sister, she is already ours and Julia agrees that she wants her. Thank God this is the finale and we are spared Sydney’s tantrum.Max walks up to Lynn and asks her to dance as Kristina and Adam watch.

The family picks up Victor’s sister and surprise – Syndey is smiling! Adam gets the job and Amber settles in with her grandparents. We see Adam with the kids and Kristina looking at him funny. She asks him to his office and says she wants to talk to him about his future at Chambers and she feels that he should work here full time. Adam says that it won’t pay as much and Kristina says what if there was an opportunity and confesses a non profit has been reaching out to her and she just wants him happy. Adam says he will think about it.

Camille is talking to Zeek about the wedding pictures and when he doesn’t respond you just know – it has happened. She calls out to him but he doesn’t move. Camille takes a deep breath when she realizes. We see the family, all smiles pouring out his ashes at a baseball field like he requested, with a slowed down version of the theme song playing in the background. As the song continues to play, we get the pleasure of a flash forward of every one in the family.

We see Camille go to the place in Europe where Zeek had planned on taking her and the song playing is now being sung live by singers in the Luncheonette and we see that Jasmine is pregnant. We also see that Julia and Joel have another baby and now have 4 kids. We see Amber all grown up having dinner with Sarah, Hank, Drew and with a boyfriend who has his own kid, as Ryan drops off their kid probably from visitation rights. We see Max graduate high school with the whole family present and Adam as headmaster.

*pause* for those of you who watched Friday Night Lights (also helmed by Jason Katims) you would notice that Amber’s boyfriend was also an FNL alum which was a great wink seeing as Ryan is also an FNL alum.

We watch the Bravermans walk away from us one last time from the baseball field and…fade to black.

Like the episode title says “May God Bless and Keep you Always, Bravermans.

Thank you for 6 wonderful seasons.


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