Parents, WYD?

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I watched all three documentaries shown above. Each of these left me speechless. My jaws open and a chill down my spine because it really spooked me. In all 3 documentaries, I asked the same thing “What were the parents thinking?”

Sexual assault is no joke. Sexual assault on children is a whole new level of grossness. I am not a parent and I am pretty sure being a parent is not an easy job so I am not trying to judge here. I do know that once a person decides to be a parent, their #1 job is protecting their child, in all ways. In all instances in these documentaries, the parents seem to be so non chalant about the whereabouts of their kids. I don’t think I can quite understand why another grown adult would ask to be alone or sleep with my kid and I’d gladly hand them over. I understand showbiz is a drug and the parents get razzle-dazzled but it is not enough to put that over your child’s safety.

Surviving R. Kelly – This was probably the one that spooked me out the most. This man is just the ultimate evil mastermind. It was so graphic and the scene where his background singer tells us she saw him having sex with Aaliyah was just…ugh. (Available on Lifetime on demand)

Leaving Neverland – Michael Jackson is such an icon that you almost want to make it go away. Especially because he is dead but honestly watching Wade Robson and Jimmy Safechuck describe their experiences. With their sexual experiences with MJ being very similar. They have to be award winning actors to be lying. And the fact they went through that is such a shame. (Available on HBO)

Abducted in Plain Sight – The most ridiculous of all 3. I don’t understand how you let your daughter be kidnapped and assaulted twice. By the same man. Also, when a man can say he has slept with the mom, the dad and their 12 year old daughter…then you understand the level of parenting we are dealing with (Available on Netflix)

I know there are other factors that contributed to these incidents but it seems there’s a whole slew of documentaries in this same realm that are not quite fun to watch but are necessary because abusers need to be named and shamed. Hopefully they create an awareness and help curb this pedestal that people put celebrities on.





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