R&B Divas LA: Season 2 Episode 4

The ladies talk about moving forward but to Leela’s point, they have 2 new women who have nothing to do with the previous issue. Chrisette introduces the ladies to Justin who is a guitarist and happens to be Chrisette’s boyfriend at their song writing session at Claudette’s house. The ladies, with the exception of Michel’le who had to leave to pick up her daughter, and Lil Mo who looked a little peeved at the decision, agree to make Justin the producer of their music.

Leela meets with Chante to figure out what is going on with her but she seems a little defensive. She asks Leela if she will sign off on using their voice on the song but Leela states that she would like to hear the mix of the song. Chante states that there should be trust between them because based on her experience in the industry, the song will sound great.

Lil Mo reveals that she has been with a woman which does not really surprise me. She was not in a relationship with a woman but has been with a woman. Lil Mo introduces Michel’le to a match maker to help set her up on a date. The matchmaker sets her up with a Caucasian man and on their date, Michel’le seems to be enjoying herself.

Claudette and Leela find out that they have to write not 1 but two songs for this project. In an already stressful situation, having another song to do may create more issues.

Lil Mo hosts a sex toy party for the ladies and Chrisette chooses not to attend. It seemed really fun and was a good bonding moment for the ladies

The ladies meet to hear the mixed version of Chante’s song and Lil Mo decides to have a conversation with Chante regarding how she feels Chante has been treating her. Chante finally reveals that she is mad at Lil Mo for taking a pic with her ex-husband (Kenny Lattimore) and tweeting about it with a caption “He’s a good guy” they have it out and finally make up with tears of course.

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