Scandal Recap: Season 4 Episode 18

I didn’t mention it in the last recap but Huck sliced open Lena Dunham’s character’s neck and everyone is going on like all is well and that’s normal. That continues this week as Rosen continues with his B613 investigation and Jake letting the crew know that if they pursue this it would be a death wish for him and asks them to drop it. Characters on Scandal never follow instructions so Charlie (when did he join?), Huck and Quinn go look for fellow B613 agents that can serve as witnesses. specifically those who worked with Jake. They offer them a safe house till they testify. This all sounds like a great plan except Jake is listening in on them. Why do these people never take precautions?

Well, this is Scandal. Charlie walks into the safe house and sees all the witnesses all in blood and mostly dead. And who was there? – Jake. They get into a scuffle and Jake knocks Charlie down and leaves. The crew reconvene and agree that Jake needs to be taken out but they at least have the common sense to know this will not be easy and is a dangerous mission. Huck explains to them that Jake isn’t himself anymore and is in survival mode. Meaning, he will do anything to save himself.

Liv is still rolling in the sheets with her bar pickup, Franklin and he witnesses her nightmares in her sleep. Liv gets a new case that involves a son trying to free his father for killing someone 15 years ago. His father had killed his 29 year old teacher for sleeping with his 14 year old daughter, who in turn killed herself after her heart was broken. OPA does some investigation and it is revealed that the dad is protecting his son who in fact committed the crime but has been weighed down with guilt for the last 15 years.

Mellie reconnects with her half-sister, Harmony who Mellie has major resentment for as she is the product of an affair her father had. Mellie sees herself as better than her and sees her as white trash. The two have dinner with Fitz and it reaches its peak when Mellie snaps at her for not referring to Fitz as Mr. President and the two get into it with Harmony storming out. Fitz tells Mellie she is going to have to apologize and if she wants to be President she has to learn how to do things she doesn’t want to do. The next morning, he invites Harmony down and tells her that Mellie is jealous of her and she should make peace. The two hug it out and we see a not so happy Cyrus watching this development. Why doesn’t he want Mellie in the White House?

The crew realize Jake has taken over the apartment across from Liv and he tells them to abort their mission or else he will kill Liv. Jake also lets Rosen know that he knows nothing by killing his assistant, Holly right in front of him with the blood splattered all over his face. He tells Rosen that Holly was part of B613 and was the one who killed the witnesses in the safe house. He warns him that there might be more “hollys” in the wings.

Liv gets home to see Russell at the door…with Papa Pope beside him. Are the two in cahoots? We find out next week.

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