Suits: Season 3 Episode 1

(Per my pseudo poll on twitter, you asked for “Suits” recap and you got it. Guest Author, Nana will be recapping this Season of Suits. We are a little late this week on 1 and 2 but we will be right back on schedule next week. Enjoy!)

Suits, one of the most unashamedly entertaining shows on network tv, returned last week and we picked up right where we left off at the end of season 2. The Harvey/ Mike and Harvey/ Jessica love fests are in shambles and everybody at the new Pearson Darby is struggling to adjust the merger.

First of all, it’s nice to see that Rachel is as infuriating as ever. This character has irked me since halfway through season one. She’s so self-righteous and she’s constantly casting her own (numerous) insecurities onto others (Mike). She urges Mike to quit practicing law so she can feel better about herself for not getting into Harvard Law. She doesn’t actually give this as her reason but I’m projecting here…. This suggestion plays out exactly as you’d imagine because the show is called SuitS, not Suit. Mike spends the majority of the episode trying to get back into Harvey’s good graces and I’m glad that the show is clearly going to make him work a little bit harder for that privilege.

Speaking of Harvey, he spends much of the episode struggling with his dual betrayals and his plan to overthrow Jessica sets up a mouthwatering platform for how the rest of the season will proceed. This is fortunate because I’m still unsure about the ability of the other plot lines to keep the audience engrossed this season. Aside from the deterioration of Harvey’s relationship with Jessica, I’m not particularly invested in anybody else’s story line. Louis is still as deliciously slimy as ever but his feud with his British equivalent Nigel is an extremely lightweight plot line. If Harvey truly has the cojoñes to go toe to toe with Jessica and wrest the power from her, I’ll be tuning in every week.

The case of the week wasn’t particularly gripping but it was nice to see Michelle Fairley in a mini Game of Thrones reunion with the delightful Conleth Hill.Gabriel Macht is clearly the MVP of this show and I love that the writers gave his relationship with Donna more time on this episode. These two have a wonderful dynamic and I’m sure that Donna will be scheming right along with Harvey to help him bring down Jessica. All in all, this was a solid return for Suits but I hope they ramp up the drama in subsequent episodes. “Solid” just isn’t good enough for a season opener.



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