My Thoughts On Some Netflix Originals – Part 1

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Over the last year, Netflix announced its intention to move more towards original shows and invested about $6 billion. Yup – BILLION – into original content. If you haven’t heard the numerous shows that have been announced then you probably have heard about the many comedy specials that they have been doling out. Like, if you are a comedian who doesn’t have a comedy special on Netflix, you must really suck. I happened to peep a few of the them, so here are my thoughts on the shows and movies that I was able to get to:

One Day At A Time – The Hispanic reboot of the Norman Lear classic was such a delight to watch. Delicate matters were handled well. And it balanced sitcom corniness with real life issues. My one complaint was the actor who played the dad. He was terrible. It was picked up for a second season.

Santa Clarita Diet – Now this was one odd show starring Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant as a couple trying to adjust to their new normal when the wife turns into a zombie. Don’t eat food while watching. It’s not the best thing out there but it fills up time if you are looking for something to watch. It was picked up for a second season.

Love (Season 2) – Whew. A Judd Apatow rendering. And keeping up with tradition, the lead characters on this show are as annoying AF!!! You probably would never encounter a leading lady this selfish and self sabotaging followed behind by her actual foolish boyfriend who just falls into her tangled web. But somehow it wakes. It’s a 30 minute show, so it makes for good binge material.

Iron Fist – The previous Marvel offerings have fallen flat to me. The reviews on these weren’t encouraging. Life is too short to be watching bad TV. Long story short – I didn’t bother.

Grace & Frankie (Season 3) – This show is on its third season and quite honestly, save for kudos for giving meaty material to senior citizens, it’s really just a show that’s just there. Very few chuckles here and there. Overall, the show is not a memorable one but again 30 minute show – prime candidate for binging.

The Most Hated Woman in America – This is a movie that is based on the true life story of infamous atheist, Madalyn O’Hair who made a living from antagonizing people based on her beliefs. Meh. Pretty unremarkable movie. It was movie material I downloaded to watch on a flight.

13 Reasons Why – So much hullabaloo was made about this movie that you would think it was the greatest thing on earth but it really isn’t. I will say, it is pretty intriguing. Intriguing enough to draw you in till you realize most of the characters are pretty stupid but you are in too deep to not finish watching. The show is based on a book and didn’t really need a second season but it was such a hit that it was renewed for a second season and will probably be an unnecessary mess.

The Get Down – Oh my beloved show that noone was watching. The second season was so dope. Story line was much richer and showed the talents on this show. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to keep them on the air and the show has now been cancelled.

Girlboss – Didn’t bother with it as it didn’t speak to me. Show has been cancelled.

I will be back with my opinion of the Netflix originals that have aired so far, this year. If you have seen any of the shows mentioned or unmentioned,  I would be happy to hear what you thought!



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