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I try to support movies and TV shows with a predominantly black cast. We all know how people of color are treated in Hollywood, so any opportunities they get I am here to help break down the stereotype that minority led vehicles don’t bring in the box office money.

We were given the trailer to this movie last summer and it looked pretty good and seeing Taraji P Henson looking as kick ass as she did, had me all gingered to see this movie. Taraji stars as Mary, an assassin who works for an organized crime family that took her in when she was younger. The family is led by Benny and his son/Mary’s ex-boyfriend, Tom. When a hit goes wrong, Mary keeps tabs on a young kid, Danny who she has just made an orphan and eventually takes him in when he gets hurt. In a bid to protect Danny, Mary makes a rash decision that trickles down and creates chaos for everyone involved.

Phew. I’ve seen some bad B-movies but y’all. This was BAD. It was just bad all around. The script was so amateurish and full of cliches. The shots were weird and in some places it was like dialogue was dubbed in post-production. So many scenes were not plausible. I legit fell asleep a number of times. It’s been a while since I have seen a movie this bad.

Taraji is a better actor than this movie but I think it’s time for her to shake it up a bit because with the sassy one liners and over bearing mother figure, it was a little too close to being Cookie [from Empire] playing at being an assassin.

Overall, it is not a good movie. I do not recommend it. Save your time and dollars.

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