A Show You Should Be Watching: Skinny Girl in Transit

If you are like me and can’t seem to get into Nollywood (Nigeria’s version of Hollywood) movies, don’t roll your eyes and click “x” yet. Skinny Girl in Transit is a Nigerian series that focuses on Tiwa (Abimbola Craig), a plus sized radio dj who faces enormous pressure from all angles because of her size. There’s her mom (Ngozi Nwosu) who is constantly on her case, like a typical Nigerian mother, to lose weight and snag herself a husband. Her skinny pretty sister,  Shalewa who always mocks her size and is never in her corner, a dad who she has a close relationship with and a handsome stranger who might grow into something more to Tiwa (played by Kenneth Okolie)

I enjoyed everything about this show and it was nice to see something different. I enjoyed the family dynamic among all the family members because it was realistic. Ngozi Nwosu is a comedic gem and in the show I liked the angle where she spoke in the local Yoruba language which were subtitled for people who don’t understand. It added a good vibe to the show’s dynamic. I also commend all the actors for speaking in their natural Nigerian accent and not bogging down dialogue with acquired struggle accents. That was refreshing.

Tiwa does have side bars a la Frank Underwood and communicates with us, the audience intermittently. The production is well done and even the theme song and intro is cute and catchy. The beauty of this show is that each episode is somewhere between 8-10 minutes, so if you have an hour or two, you can binge on all episodes in no time. Each episode is supposed to come out every Thursday at Noon and as of today there are 8 episodes available to watch. You can find the episodes on Youtube by searching: NdaniTv Skinny Girl in Transit. Oh by the way, special shout out to NdaniTv, I read this is part of a bouquet series they are running and the shows are pretty good. It’s always nice to see good stuff coming out for Nigeria. So check it out and tell me what you think!

Here are the first 3 episodes to get you going:

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