Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Season 4 Episode 3

Erica tells us once again how she has given Scrappy every opportunity to pay child support but he has not taken it so she has reached out to a lawyer and tells the lawyer he owes about $45k. The lawyer says he could be arrested. Erica does not want to see him locked up but isn’t sure where to draw the line. She goes ahead and signs the papers. Joc is in the studio with his baby mama, Sina and is checking out her ass in the jeans. Coincidentally, Khadiyah – his gf “surprises” him because she hasn’t heard from him. She walks in on them and says hi with a deadly smile and look. The two get in a back and forth and Sina throws Joc under the bus and lets Khadiya know they are still smashing. Joc tries to get Sina out the studio and she starts yelling. Stevie heads to rehab with Joseline by his side.

Momma Dee calls Erica to talk about the papers she served Scrappy. Momma Dee tells Erica that Scrappy says he pays for Imani and Erica tells him to prove it. Momma Dee tells her that she can’t get anything if he is in jail. Joselyn shows up for rehearsal for her non existent songs and practices half naked with ass all hanging out in a thong outfit. Karlie comes by as usual to get gossip. Karlie shares her issue with Erica about the hair store – not sure Joseline is the right person to get advice from but she tells Karlie its all about the coins. She also shares that she will be talking to Mimi.

Khadiya and Sina are meeting up. Khadiya has questions. Sina gladly answers, in detail. Yet. Khadiya asks for proof. K. Michelle is in town to do her usual pop ups for the season. Karlie catches K. Michelle up on Mimi’s new business with Stevie. Mimi meets up with Deb to help her out her situation with Nicko. Deb solves her issue by telling her to write 3 bs books? Huh? She tells Deb she has Stevie as her partner in her business. Deb is like all of us and is like bitch wheeet? She asks Mimi if she is still in love with Stevie.

Stevie says that he feels better in rehab as we see Joseline shopping for her big wedding dress. Erica says she feels bad that she has to file paper work on Scrappy and putting her relationship with Momma Dee at risk again. She meets with Rasheeda for a voice of reason. Rasheeda mentions Karlie’s grand opening and Erica finds out Karlie has dumped her. I am so over this Sina babe but she is on a quest to get Joc back. If I am not mistaken, this babe really is trying to record Joc to have proof for Khadiyah. She comes out in full lingerie and starts undressing.

Mimi and Joseline meet and Mimi is on 100 already and doesn’t give Joseline a chance to land. She begins to attack Joseline and you know Joseline, she gives and dishes it back to Mimi. Joseline maintains her composure as Mimi walks out looking like a fool. It’s Karlie’s opening and Rasheeda and Erica walk in. Erica confronts her and for some reason Jessica Dime starts chiming in and she comes for Rasheeda. The women get into a shouting match and I guess the friendship with Karlie is over.

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