Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Season 4 Episode 2

We pick up where we left off with Stevie and Nicko scuffling but security steps in as Nicko gets disrespectful and tells Stevie “Your daughter will call me daddy, how ‘bout that?”. Scrappy, Joc and Kirk are at at a golf place pretending to play golf. Joc tells us he is in a relationship with Kadiya – the real estate agent from last season. Joc lets us know he has 8 kids that includes 2 sets of twins. Kirk chimes in with having 6 kids and tells them he signed Ashley Cole and met her at a sports bar *side eye*. They dead ask him if he is smashing and Kirk says no that he wants people to smash her. He tells them he bought a house and is in the hole and has not told Rasheeda about this. This man has a missing piece in his brain.

Mimi is walking the streets in the dark and boldly tells us she is meeting Nicko in a dark and deserted street so no one can confuse them being together. Say whaa? They argue again about the book and his royalties. She walks away but comes back to him nose to nose as Nicko tells us that in the two years they were together that Mimi did things she probably doesn’t want the world to know. She tells us he lets it slip that he was recording their phone conversations when they were together.

Stevie tells us he has failed “a few” drug tests along the way and now has to do a drug test every Monday. Kirk and Rasheeda are out at an event and Kirk says its time to introduce Ashley Cole to the world and Rasheeda. Ashley goes to bond with Rasheeda and starts trouble by telling her Kirk bought her the dress she is wearing, telling her she has been a fan since she was 9 and saying she signed a 5 album deal with Kirk. She also slips in that there is a Buckhead office. Rasheeda says its an industry event and will keep her cool.

The Head bitch in charge aka Joseline finally makes an appearance and comes home to her and Stevie’s home. Joseline and Stevie have a romantic night with rose petals and sexy lingerie in play. Joseline says Stevie has a drug problem and she has an anger problem. Joseline says she just wants them to be better. Joc and Khadiyah are out and about and as Joc lists all the jobs she has we see her saying she has no problem spending money on her man as long as he treats her right. She asks Joc to make a promise that they are exclusive.

Rasheeda calls Karlie over and Karlie tells her how she has an issue with Erica with some business venture. Erica hasn’t shown any interest and she has other people showing interest and she wants to make a move. Rasheeda tells her to talk to Erica. Rasheeda tells Karlie why she needs her, she needs her snooping skills to find out about the Buckhead office. The ladies ransack the house and find a lease in a shoe box. Momma Dee is celebrating her life with her ex-husband at a strip club. She says he is back in her life, so I assume they are together as a couple? We find out that he just got out of prison after 7 years and she put him there? Man these people live a life I will never understand.

Joseline and Stevie are all dressed up and meeting up for dinner. Stevie tells her that he failed his drug test and he has to do rehab or else he will go to jail for a couple of years. Joseline takes the news hard and begins to cry. Stevie wants Joseline and Mimi to talk for the sake of Eva his daughter with Mimi. We see Joc flirting with his baby mama, Sina and she even says she wants another child and Joc says he doesn’t as he rubs on her as she cooks.

Rasheeda surprises Kirk at his fakeofficesideapartmentshindig and confronts him about it. She decides that they need to separate their businesses. Stevie goes to tell Mimi that he has to go away to rehab for 30 days. Stevie asks Mimi to please speak with Joseline and Mimi says she will think about it.

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