Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Season 3 Episode 16

We pick up with Mimi asking Nicko if it’s true that he is married and Creepo said “Yes, I am married. It’s something I thought I would take to the grave with me”. As Mimi does her usual huffing and puffing, Nicko says that he is being honest with her which shows how much love he has for her. He says he never intended to tell her so he didn’t lie to her. He continues to dig his hole that he had no intention to get a divorce and it doesn’t matter because he’s been with her not his wife. For the 100th time, Mimi says that she is a fool and is done. She walks out and says Nicko has disappointed her for the last time.

Benzino tells us he and his gold digger, Althea have decided on a date and he throws himself a bachelor party. He is with his fellow useless men – Kirk, Stevie, Tony and irrelevant Bobby Valentino. Benzino is clearly drunk in love and ecstatic as he makes an announcement that Stevie will be his best man. Stevie tells Zino that they are going to LA as he is back to his music grind doing music with Snoop. Stevie is woken up with Joseline yelling at Stevie still going on about Althea asking if she was there on the pole. Stevie says he didn’t take into consideration the fact that Joseline is not happy about the Althea situation. She calls Zino a dummy for asking the man who smashed your soon to be wife to be your best man. He tells Joseline that he is going to LA to make music for Snoop. Joseline, ever thinking asks why she can’t go and be on the remix. Stevie says he already asked Benzino. Joseline storms out the room.

Joseline got her way and Stevie goes to LA with Joseline. As they enjoy the LA sun and fake paparazzi taking their picture, they walk to meet Snoop and sit down for an interview. I really don’t know who was interviewing who. Benzino expresses his disappointment that Stevie texts him to cancel his LA trip. He tells Althea as he bashes her song, that Honandez is a waste of Stevie’s time. Althea tells Benzino that Joseline takes shots at her on Instagram. Benzino tells us that he thinks Joseline is jealous of Althea because she is everything she wants to be.

Irrelevant couple have dropped off Tammy’s daughter for the summer and Wacka misses her more than her mom and they talk about babies and she tells him that she is going to a fertility clinic. I should note that they were parked to have this discussion, like they pulled over. Kalenna, Rasheeda come down to the studio to meet with Karlie Redd and she tells them that after they split, Joc stopped the traction on the song he got for her. She tells them that she bought the song off the producer and took Joc off the song. Rasheeda and Kalena wondered if she made the right decision acting on some scorned woman sentiment instead of business. She said she is going to invite Joc to the video shoot… who gives these people money for videos???

Mimi meets with Ariane and Eric to tell them about Nicko’s marriage. She starts with saying she doesn’t want any “I told you so’s” and then tells them. Erica thinks that Nicko is the beginning of her downfall. Mimi croaks out that she feels disrespected and played. She still says that she doesn’t want to believe that he leaked the tape. Then Erica asks about the production of the tape and Mimi says that the initial tape was home made. She confesses that the company said they needed more footage and that’s what they did. Erica asks why she didn’t tell them that from the beginning and she says she didn’t feel she had to divulge that information and Erica says that’s a lie. They continue and say they believe that Nicko was in cahoots with his wife and it was a setup. That sets Mimi up and she gets defensive, veins popping and starts yelling at them to quit it. She walks away angry saying they are judging her.

Tammy is at the fertility clinic and is told that everything is right with her. He mentions they have to check with her husband. Deb asks if the dr can plant 3 kids in her. Tammy asks and mentions that Wacka was shot a few years ago and was paralyzed and was on a lot of medication. Doctor just asks for him to come in. Snoop is laying his tracks on the Stevie produced joint.  Snoop and Stevie have a conversation. Stevie asks Snoop’s advice on the Althea situation and for the first time he admits that he did smash Althea in Benzino’s crib. Snoop tells him he has to tell ZIno that she is one of the collection. And he has to tell Joseline. Stevie says he doesn’t want to hurt her anymore because he loves her so much. Snoop says the truth hurts but it is better.

Karlie is shooting her video and she invited Joc so he knows “he will never mess with Karlie”. As her auto tuned track plays, Joc walks in. She tells him that she took him off the record after buying it off the producer. Joc wishes her the best and walks away. Karlie follows him and continues to yell at him and says that she will leave his career where she found it, in the trash. Mimi said she had so many questions and almost called Nicko but decided to call his ex-roomate, Johnny. She recalls that they had a huge falling out. He tells her that he changed after the video shoot and he felt like he had an opportunity with Mimi. He goes ahead to tell her that Nicko and his wife have been together for like a decade and it’s a deep connection. They make music and do business together. He says that he thought Mimi knew he was married. As usual, Mimi huffs and puffs.

Joseline slo mo-s out the pool, all wet and shiny as Stevie looks troubled ready to tell him the truth. He butters her up and tells her she looks amazing. They make out and Stevie says why do today what you can do tomorrow. He decides not to tell her and end his dry spell instead.

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