Suits Season 4: Episode 2

This week’s episode, entitled ‘Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner’ continues with the takeover storyline established in last week’s episode. Mike manages to find a way to halt the takeover of Walter Gillis’ (I totally had to look up his name) company by accusing Harvey of breaking privilege. This acts as a basis for Mike to represent himself in the hearing before a judge and I actually had to stop myself from throwing something at the screen.

What’s wrong with Mike Ross, people? He’s been given an amazing opportunity to get out of his fake lawyer situation with a brilliant new job as an investment banker, where he makes more money than he did as a fake lawyer and has a number of additional perks, but this idiot still insists on posing as a lawyer. This scene irritated me to no end because I know it was supposed to highlight just how much Mike loves the law and its inexorable pull, but I just saw a selfish, ungrateful little man. People have been bending over backwards to cover up his lies since season one and now he’s been given a (far) better chance yet, he still insists on treading in dangerous waters. Either stay far, far away from any legal matters, or take up Harvey’s suggestion that he go to law school for real in some Podunk small town. You can’t have it both ways Mike! Perhaps I’m being entirely irrational but I’m really at the end of my Mike Ross rope.

On the other side of the Mike Ross coin, his relationship with Rachel is still trucking along after her revelation last week that she had an affair with Logan. I’m glad the show didn’t immediately go down the insane jealousy route, but it rather planted small seeds that will surely be watered as the season goes on. Rachel has interesting chemistry with Logan and I’m sure this will be explored further in the coming weeks. Harvey’s reaction to Rachel’s confession about the affair with Logan was also hilarious. We don’t care that much about your love life Rachel.

We meet Louis in his all too familiar role this week- overworked and underappreciated. He immediately butts head with new senior partner Jeff Malone and their scenes were some of the best in this week’s episode. How can I not love Louis shouting out “I eat cock for breakfast, lunch and dinner” at Jeff? Guest actor D.B. Woodside has good comic timing and he switches very well between serious, funny, and sexy.  He fits in well with the show and I’m eager to see how his storyline pans out. Donna does a Donna and imbues Louis with some much-needed confidence and this results in Jessica finally showing him some appreciation by presenting him with the corner office.

This episode added fuel to the raging fire that would/could be Jessica and Harvey. Jessica is still protesting that her relationship with Jeff is over, now that she’s made him a senior partner but Jeff makes it very clear that he’ll still be enjoying the pleasures Jessica has to offer. Jessica and Jeff are sizzling but her weird chemistry with Harvey seems to be ramping up. I still don’t know if the show will ever go that route but consider me entirely here for it if it ever happens.

I look forward to next week where I’m sure Mike will find yet another reason for me to throw things at my TV screen. Until then….


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