Top 10 Most Followed Celebrities on Instagram

Social media makes the world go round and Instagram is one of the top apps that is widely used by everyone including celebrities. Recently, Instagram released its year in review which also listed the celebrities with the most followers. Here are the rankings in ascending order:   10. Kendall Jenner – 85+ million followers 9. […]

If today is your birthday…

…then your celebrity birthday mates are: Kim Kardashian Amber Rose Carrie Fisher Judge Judy Benjamin Netanyahu (the late) Celia Cruz Ricky Rubio Matt Dallas Ken Watanabe Will Estes HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Forbes Highest Paid Celebrities 2013

Forbes did its annual celebrity earnings list and these are the top 10: 1. Madonna – $125 million 2. Steven Spielberg – $100 million 3. Simon Cowell – $95 million 3. E.L James – $95 million 3. Howard Stern – $95 million 6. James Patterson – $91 million 7. Glenn Beck – $90 million 8. […]