Who is…L. Scott Caldwell?

Every time I see Caldwell, she will always be Rose from Lost to me. At 71, she is a well established actress, she has had a busy career in tv, movies and the stage for which she has won a Tony award. It’s great to see a black woman at her age, stay booked and […]

Who Is…Tiffany Boone?

She looks like a teenager but this baby faced cutie is actually 34 year old Tiffany Boone and I am sure you have seen her on your screens as she has been a busy bee the last few years. Don’t worry, I am here to remind you where you have seen her before.

Who Is…Noah Jupe?

I don’t think I have ever featured a youngster on this series before but I have been meaning to feature Noah Jupe for a while and I let time slip. Was watching A Quiet Place II recently and was reminded that this young man has been a busy bee the last few years and built […]

Who Is…Melora Harding?

Quick…what was the first show that came to mind. With her unique name, Melora has been a character player in a lot of TV shows and most currently on The Bold Type. Is it just me or could she be Charlize Theron’s sister? See some of the place you may recognize her from:

Who Is…Gary Cole?

New month, new who dis? Hehe. I was actually surprised that I have never featured Gary Cole before. He seems to be in everything! Everything includes the cult classic, Office Space (as the worst boss ever). Here are some places that you may recognize him from:

Who Is…Dominique Fishback?

This month’s Who Is…? actor is Dominique Fishback who you more than likely recognize but probably don’t know her name (this is redundant as it is the entire premise of the series lool). She is such a good actress that I felt compelled to highlight her. With bit roles here and there, like in – […]

Who Is…Lovie Simone?

Yup! I am sure you know her. Our very first “Who is?” actor is the gorgeous Lovie Simone. This 22 year old is best known for her role on Greenleaf and since the show ended her star has continued to be on the rise in various projects. Lovie’s full name is Lovie Simone Oppong. Her […]

Who Is…Kingsley Ben-Adir?

I slacked off on the series for a little bit but fear not, it’s back! Just in time to close out the years. The British actor has a distinct look, so when he popped up on my screen recently while I was watching Soulmates, I knew I had to feature him on the series. It’s […]

Who Is…Corey Stoll?

Yup. You more than likely know who he is because he is EVERYWHERE. And that’s no exaggeration. Corey Stoll stays busy both in movies and on TV, so the likelihood is high you have seen him somewhere. Here are some placces you may recognize him from: Have you seen him in any of these? What […]

Who Is…Cush Jumbo?

With a British mother and Nigerian father, Cush Jumbo is another British export to this side of the pond. Her being British might be news to some as her best known roles were as Americans. Here are some places you might recognize her from:

Who is…Sean Blakemore?

Did you look at this picture and immediately think “I know him!” but then immediately think “Wait, but from where?”. No worries, I will let you know where you might have seen him. Do you recognize him from any of this?

Who is…Brandon Scott?

Another feature in the series. He featured recently on season 2 of Dead to Me and it occurred to me that I had seen him recently in a few things and would be a good addition to this. Here are some places you may have seen him: