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The Best Reality Shows I Watched in 2023

The Best Reality Shows I Watched in 2023 

You knew I had to do a reality list.

  • Pressure Cooker – I can’t believe this was this year. Fun twist on a cooking show (Netflix)
  • Family Karma – It’s a shame this show seems to be on the bubble. The most recent season was so heartwarming (Bravo)
  • Survivor Australia – I already think Survivor US is amazing. I didn’t know it was possible to be better. Survivor AU proved me wrong
  • The Traitors – The beauty of this is that pick the country and it was great (except Canada) (Peacock)
  • The Ultimatum: Queer Love – chaotic and toxic gave me good TV (Netflix)
  • Love Island USA – this show has come a long way and last season gave us a lot (Peacock)
  • Love Island Games – I didn’t know how this would turn out but it was great tv (Peacock)
  • Squid Game: The Challenge – The no rhyme or reason got annoying a bit but this was still some enjoyable TV (Netflix)
  • House of Villains – they got all the right characters and Bobby Lytes was the MVP (E!)
  • Southern Charm – This season brought it with the whole Olivia/Taylor/Austen drama (Bravo)
  • Project Runway All Stars – good mix of old scool and new school. Judges were frustrating but it helps when the person you are rooting for wins (Bravo)
  • The Amazing Race – Having likeable finalists was such a nice change (CBS)

Let me know if I forgot any.

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