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Best Things I Watched On TV – 2023

Best Things I Watched On TV – 2023 

It’s about that time again when I share with you some of the favorite things I watched this year. As always, I would like to say that these are the shows that gave me maximum enjoyment levels or blew my mind artistically. If you don’t see any of your faves it’s either because it didn’t do the same for me (The Last of Us) or I did not get a chance to get to it (The Gilded Age).

Okay, here we go:

  • Succession – What a great final season. Everyone brought their A-game. I mean who can forget *that* episode? (Max)
  • Shrinking – Took me a minute to get in but once I settled it was worth it. Such great writing and who knew Harrison Ford would fit nicely in a 30-min comedy? (Apple+ TV)
  • Beef – Before all hell broke loose, this show was a ride and a half but an enjoyable one (Netflix)
  • Jury Duty – Don’t be like me and realize few episodes in that, this is a reality hoax tv show and everyone was in on it except one person. It’s absolutely brilliant and amazing (Freevee/Prime Video)
  • Queen Charlotte – This Bridgerton spinoff/prequel is everything. It was fun seeing Queen Charlotte’s beginnings and the chemistry between the leads was off the charts (Netflix)
  • Moving – By all accounts, I should not like this K-drama. A little bit of supernatural, action, romance and I enjoyed all 20 episodes. It was such a well though out series and it doesn’t help it’s a one and done – for now (Hulu)
  • Ted Lasso – What’s not to love? I think the finale was wonky but overall it was still the show we know and love (Apple+ TV)
  • The Bear – Guess who beat the sophomore curse! Amazing second season (Hulu)
  • Hijack – Idris Elba has yet another TV hit with this. Pulling off an entire season based on a 7 hour flight is impressive (Apple+ TV)
  • Love Has Won – I am sure you guys are tired of hearing me talk about this galactic documentary. Every scene will have your jaw on the floor (Max)
  • The Horror of Dolores Roach – I binged this in one sitting and even though it gets really ridiculous, I still was entertained (Prime Video)
  • Trying – If you like Ted Lasso, you’d like this under the radar British TV show. This season tugged at my heart strings so hard (Apple+ TV)
  • The Supermodels – This doc catches up with the Fab 4 many years after their hey day. It was really nice to see the behind the scenes and learn about their friendships (Apple+ TV)
  • Kelce – The lesser known Kelce brother these days gives us a peek into his life and it’s so wholesome (Prime Video)
  • Daisy Jones and the Six – I don’t think enough people watched this. The only thing the show suffered from was if it was being compared to the book but as a standalone, it was enjoyable and the music was great (Prime Video)

Okay, that’s all I’ve got. Would love to hear what some of your faves were!

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